Friday, May 23, 2008

Fitness on Friday #10

I started going to the gym again this week. It was nice. Although today I was glad I'm a little pudgy because it was so windy here that I about fell over a half a dozen times as I walked to the gym. Yep, I walked to the gym...and my pudgyness kept me from falling over on the way. LOL!

I actually weighed myself last week and this week. There wasn't much change...just a half a pound lost. But I'll take it because it's better than nothing. I wasn't too strict on my eating, but I was exercising more so now if I keep exercising and eat better I should see better results. So that's my goal this lose more than half a pound.

How did you do this week? Did you learn anything new?


Rhonda said...

Wow, you WALKED to the gym!!! That's great!!! :o) I'd have died on the walk back after working out hehehe!!

Natalie said...

great job getting to the gym! i wrote a post about working out and the 'new' me so i thought it was close enough to the reguirements for Fitness on Friday to link myself. :-)