Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fitness on Friday #14

I feel terrible. I really have nothing to report this week. My husband lost 9 1/2 pounds in the last month though. He's in a fitness competition with his captain and he's winning. So that's cool.

Our scale died today. It wasn't just the battery, it just up and died. I ended up having to go buy a new one. But hey, I walked to the store to get it so I got some extra exercise in. :) (The store is 4-5 blocks away)

I took a 2 mile walk tonight, it felt good. I had to run home at the end of it because the tornado sirens started going off. Yeah, scary! But all is good there...and I ran a bit. LOL!


Lorie said...

My scale died again too this time it is not the battery so I am going to have to but another one too. I am also going to buy some elctronic scales too!
Great job at working out. I thought you lived in the boonies? You cna walk to stuff? I live in the boonies and I can't walk anywhere and the road I live off is a state highway and very unsafe to walk on at least with 4 kids. So, what kind of scale did you buy?

grace said...

sorry, I messed up when signing up!

Lawanda said...

Oh lands. I would definitely have run too. And I am not a runner!

Glad you got a little exercise in at least! :)

Jen said...

Yay for your hubby and great job to you for walking to the store!! Oh and running home! I would have run from the tornado sirens as well!

Betty said...

Hi Natalie,

I've only visited your site one other time, so I haven't participated in the Friday thingie you all have going. Anyway, I want to encourage you and say I'm proud of you that you got that much exercise in today. I usually take yoga on Friday mornings, but I played hooky today and went on a short trip.

My scales did the very same thing as your's. I put two new batteries in it, and it still wouldn't work. Had to go buy a new one, but I didn't walk to the store, so good for you.

They say don't weigh everyday, but it helps keep me on track to weigh everyday. BTW, I have to watch every bite I put in my mouth to keep from gaining, and I don't loose weight easily.

Nancy Pancy said...

Nothing like a good tornado siren to motivate a good run! Good show!