Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm hopelessly addicted to The Biggest Loser and I was literally yelling at the t.v. tonight. Ron is a lying IDIOT! First he's a scumbag who betrays Kristin then when asked if he knew his son was going to vote that way he said, "No." What-freaking-ever! It's all on t.v. you moronic butt! Did you think just because you whispered that the cameras and recording equipment wouldn't catch it? Are you really that lame? Yep, I guess you are! I'd like to be happy for you that you are under 300 pounds, but geez, you're such a jerk that I'm totally not happy for you and now I don't like your son either. Tara will beat him! She's the woman, she kicks everyone's rear and deserves to win because she, unlike you and your son, is HONEST!


Kelly said...

I agree. He needs to go home. I wonder how Kriten reacted when she watched that episode. OMG.

I've tried to think what I would do if I were trying to keep my daughter on the show. Of course I would do all that I could but I wouldn't become a freakin backstabbing liar! Just shows his true character....or lack thereof.

Michele said...

I used to love Ron. The guy has been through so much but now he's playing the game. I was wondering what Kristen thought when she saw that on TV too.

I do however still want his son to win because he even commented that that 10,000 would go towards school. I'm also hoping that if he wins he'd help his brother get thin. (I felt so bad for the younger brother when they returned home and he cried because he was the only fat one left in the family.) I dunno how untruthful Mike is but I know his dad just was trying to see that his son succeeded. If I were Ron and the rest of them though I would have kept Kristen because grrr, Pink team, can't remember her name, does not have that much more weight to lose and didn't need to be there any longer. Regardless of the money that's how I'd play.

I love The Biggest Loser, I cry almost every week. ha ha I even bought the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook and can't wait to make our first meal out of it!

Would you be interested in a link exchange? (Are you Red Sox Mommy also?) Are there ways we could get the WII donated? LOL I'd love to lose weight that way. ha ha I just don't have the money to get one. grrr I wanna lose 15 pounds before I have my next kid so I have until December if all goes as planned. =)