Friday, May 11, 2012

Slow but steady...

I have horrible genetics.  Seriously.  I'll have diabetes someday.  There's like a 90% chance of that, even if I never eat sugar and exercise like a mad woman.  Thanks mom and dad for that, really!  So the best I can hope for is prolonging the amount of time before I get it.  Along with my diabetes death sentence I have the slowest metabolism in the world...aside from my mom's, her's is practically dead.  I kid you now.  Ask her doctor.  I can exercise and exercise and exercise and NOTHING. Seriously, I'd be kicked off The Biggest Loser the first week for lack of weight lost (I'm not big enough to get on in the first place, but still, you get my point).  At the end of last year, probably the last few months or so I ran...a lot. I lost 9 pounds.  Yay, right?  But the new year did not bring a new me, at least not physically.  Life circumstances changed drastically and I stopped running.  I didn't gain, fortunately, but I didn't lose anymore either. Boo!

On April 1st I started exercising again.  I haven't missed a day since.  Recently I added in running to my walking and Zumba regimen. And I upped the amount of Zumba I'm doing.  Before the last 2 weeks I'd lost about 3 pounds.  Total.  All that work, very little results.  Then last week I lost .5 in one week.  I know, a half pound isn't much.  But when your body is slow to react like mine, this is HUGE.  Then this week I lost .9.  Almost a full pound...almost.  I wish it were a full pound, but I'll take what I can get.  Fingers crossed it keeps coming off, albeit in such small amounts.

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