Monday, December 29, 2008

I've made an executive decision

Ok, so I figure I'm the CEO of my life and my health and it's time I made some changes. I've been working my rear off (I wish literally) and nothing is working. The one thing that has always worked is running.

I love running...really I do. But it's one of those things that when I stop doing it I stop liking it and it's hard to get back into.

But I need to do've decided I'm going to run the Las Vegas Half-Marathon. I ran it in I know it's possible. I was doing some research tonight and it's changed since then. It's been sold and is in December instead of January/February. It runs through the strip instead of out in the boonies outside of town (sounds like a cool change). So I have just over 11 months to whip my rear (literally) into shape to do this.

I'm hoping with a goal in mind that I can do it. It's not a goal to lose 40 pounds or drop a dress size. It's a goal to be strong enough, to get enough endurance to do this. Hopefully all the other stuff will come along with it.

At the same time I'm still going to workout with a trainer, I'm still going to use the elliptical and bike, I'm still going to use the Wii Fit, etc. But now I'm going to run and it will be my main focus.


MizFit said...

I love the executive decisions.

for me it is always the GO GO GO spark of motivation I need ---be it for fitness or career or life or family or *whatever*
Im excited for you!


Katie said...

That is a great goal. good luck!