Sunday, May 3, 2009

Owie, owie, owie!!!!!

My trainer continues to kick my rear! Laughing, coughing, moving at all...that all hurts! My abs are in agony! Lol! I only have four more sessions with her before we move. Then I'm on my own. She's working with me to have a routine I can do at home with the equipment I have (or will get). So it's all 3, 5 and 10 pounds dumbbells, an exercise ball, a medicine ball and resistance bands (that last one is the only thing I don't have yet). Add my treadmill for cardio and that's all I'll have come May 29th. I'll miss the weight machines, the elliptical and the bikes. But I won't miss paying for a gym membership and a trainer. Money is tight!

I haven't done the Wii Fit in forever. I know, I used to sing it's praises, but for some reason I stopped doing it. So I think I'll be adding that back in once we move.

As for The Biggest Loser...I think they, once again, made a bad decision! Sure, Filipe is a WAY bigger threat than Ron. I get that. BUT...if they had kept Filipe they would've had more motivation to work hard before the finale. I mean seriously, with Ron in the final four I'd have moments thinking, "well...I know I can beat Ron so I'll take it easier today" but with Filipe I'd be like, "gotta get to the gym, gotta beat Filipe." So yeah...way to take the easy way out and send home the guy that deserves to be there. Wussies!!!


Kelly said...

Re: Biggest Loser..I just don't think Ron should be in the final 4 because he lies and is manipulative. There are so many people who have worked their butts off and deserve to be there like Filipe.

Your work out sounds pretty intense! Wowser.

I haven't done wii fit in forever either. Need to drag it out and try some yoga poses. :)

Michele said...

I was kind of hoping that they would have sent Ron home. I'm not a big supporter after his betrayal to Kristen. I agree, Filipe deserved to be there more and hasn't betrayed anyone. He COULD always come back and win the biggest loser home portion. Also I believe this coming week we vote for the person who deserves to be in the finale so if it's between Ron and someone else then most likely everyone else feels the same way you do and will vote Ron out.
I dunno I just don't like Tara. She is a fighter though so if she wins I won't object.