Friday, March 12, 2010

Running the stairs is HARD!!!!

What I wouldn't give for an elliptical trainer right now. Doing stairs for 30 minutes of cross training is HARD!!!!!!! Wow! Heck, I'd rather do a stair stepping machine, even that's easier than doing actual stairs. Dang! Lol!

Today is the "easy" day. This week it really is easy, it's just a mile run. No biggie. But as the weeks go along that amount increases. So I'll be grateful for today and my easy run! :)


Kelly said...

Think how much faster you'll get in shape doing the stairs over an easier option. You're right....they are harder. Ouch! but you did it! :)

Rob said...

I have not run stairs for a little while but when I did it was an awesome body as well as cardio workout. Maybe I need to start that again. Congrats on the progress.

Mammatalk said...

Keep it up, little mamma!