Sunday, March 2, 2008

Oh My Aching Feet!

My feet were killing me last night...but it was a good thing. It's partially because I was wearing the wrong shoes. But the weather was so awesome...78 degrees! Wow! So we took the girls to the park and we went for a long walk. We probably got nearly 2 miles of walking around in while we were out. It felt so good to be outside again. Of course, now it's freezing and we're under a blowing snow and wind advisory. Sigh...but I'm getting excited for the weather to get nice so I can walk outside everyday. This Fall I walked pretty much everyday and I was consistently losing weight. I've been at a near stand still since then, losing a pound here and then plateauing then another pound and plateau.

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Dawn said...

The first day I wore my sandals to walk Jakey to school my feet were killing me too! Just not the same arch support as my regular shoes! LOL