Friday, March 27, 2009


I braved the ice and cold and went to the gym after my husband got home from work tonight. It's usually pretty dead there on Friday nights, but there were more than half a dozen cars parked outside. I was bummed, I really like having the place to myself...yeah, I'm selfish that way.

Every single person there was in high school. There were about a dozen or so kids there playing basketball. I felt so old! For about half an hour of the 65 minutes I was there an old guy came and did some weights. But other than that I was the grannie in gym. I bet I was twice the age of at least one of those kids. Seriously, they would all have been born in the 90s...the 90s! I have friends with kids born in the 90s...and these are friends who are my age! I was born in the 70s, that means there was an entire decade in between, I'm so old! I felt like I should've been walking out of there with a walker.

I totally like going in the mornings teenagers then.

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