Monday, August 10, 2009

Dripping in sweat

I didn't run today...but no worries, I exercised.

Last week I ordered the EA Active for Wii and it came today. I decided to give it a go instead of my run. And...holy cow, I'm exhausted! It's only about a 20 minute workout, but it had me sweating!!!

I just finished and I'm already feeling the burn!!! Now I have my husband giving it a try. He's asked me several times to help him get in shape...well, hopefully this works for him and he'll want to keep at it.

This program has a 30 day challenge and I can tell that if I just do this and don't change any other aspect of my life I'll still lose weight. BUT...I do want to run still. So my goal for tomorrow is to do both, and since my husband has the day off I should be able to do both easily.

Has anyone else tried this program?


Miz said...

I want a wii
I want a wii
I want a wii

(so thats a no up in herre for trying the program :))

Table4Five said...

I bought EA Active for the Wii as well. Did the first workout in the 30 day challenge. Thought I was going to sweat to death after 20 minutes.

Would you be interested, by any chance, in a co-author for this blog? I registered the name "Angry Fat Mom" thinking I would also start a weight loss blog, but I haven't been motivated at all to post on it. If I had to help someone else keep their blog going, I'd have to work out. Just a thought, no pressure or anything.