Thursday, August 6, 2009

I did it!

It took me all freakin' day...but I finally did a run at about 10pm tonight...err...I guess last night now. I was all dressed and ready to do it earlier. I planned to hop on the treadmill the second my husband got home from work so I could squeeze it in before dinner.

Then...I got a call from my husband. We put an offer on a house late last week...we've been dying to hear back. Today (yesterday...whatever), we heard back and they counter offered. We liked the offer and accepted it. So...

I had to ditch the running gear and change into nicer clothes to meet with the Realtor when my husband got home. Then we were running behind on dinner and I still had to do school with my daughter (I'm doing a homeschool preschool with her this year because she isn't "high risk" so she didn't get into the school run...and only...preschool in our area).

The night got away from me...but I did it. Four out of 5 days so far this month. Not bad, not bad. Gotta keep it up...'s after midnight again and I'm still up...I will get more sleep, I will. I know that's important to health too...I'm just NOT good at it.

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