Monday, August 24, 2009

Loving the Active

I know I promised to post more and I'm not really doing it. But I am keeping up with the EAS Active for Wii. I'm halfway through the 30 day challenge. Apparently the intensity is supposed to increase now. We'll see...I'm sure I can still handle it.

I'm STRUGGLING with my running though. I want to run. I make a goal to run nearly every day...then it doesn't happen. Sigh...I'm not going to make my goal of running a half marathon in December and I'm so angry at myself for it. I started out the year doing so well, didn't miss a day of running for more than a month. And then, even when I missed a day, I still kept going.

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GreedyGirl said...

Hi checking in

This is a great blog. I did a comparison of the Wii Activ on my blog a few months ago feel free to check it out.

Also this weekend I am doing a compare of some of the Wii Fitness Accessories, for the we Active a good one to try are the dumbell weights if you want to up the intensity they are a great replace for the Wii active band which is IMO pretty weak. Also trying going to target and getting a better workout band they sell them in easy , medium, hard pick up a medium or hard band a replace the super easy one that comes with the wii active.

hope this helps good luck with the rest of your journey