Sunday, April 6, 2008

Feeling Better

Man! We got hit hard with the sickies this week. Josh was nice enough to not make me take money away from my motivation money for missing 2 days of exercise due to sickness. But today we're all back to healthy and I got my exercise in. Sure, it wasn't vigorous exercise, but we took a nice long walk as a family. It was nice and the perfect kind of exercise for a Sunday.

Tomorrow I really hope I can get my exercise in again. We'll be gone most of the day getting our monthly shopping in. My fingers are crossed that we'll be home in time.


Crystal said...

Sorry you all got the sickies, seems like a lot of families got it this week, me and the girls have been sick on and off this week also. That is what has made it really hard for me to workout also but I got a little bit of one in tonight so I feel good. Hope you get your exercise in tomorrow.

Simone said...

Cyber Hugs

Hope you are back on your feet soon.