Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fitness on Friday #6

Yes, I know today is Tuesday, not Friday. But it's going to be a crazy week, so since I have a minute right now I thought I'd get this posted to make sure it gets done.

I'm doing pretty well as far as exercise is concerned. The weather has been really good so I've been taking the girls out for walks. It's so nice to get outside. I'm ready to shed this winter layer of fat (that I've held onto for more than just one winter...lol)!

Oh and my favorite lunch lately has been stir-fry veggies in Mr. Yoshida sauce. Yum! And it's low calorie too! :)


Jen said...

Stir-Fry? That sounds delicious! I want to THANK YOU again for starting this! I love that we come here and get motivation and it also helps me to be more accountable! Great idea :)

livin with me said...

Sounds like you're doing really well. Me? Terrible.

Michelle said...

The warmer weather really does make a difference! Glad you've been able to get out. Keep up the good work!

mom_of2boys said...

The warmer weather has helped me get outside and get moving more but it's wearing me out!