Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fitness on Friday #3

I'm not going to lie. This was a HARD week for me. I was out of town, which never makes exercise and healthy eating easy. I did exercise...but not hard core cardio or anything. Oh well. I was proud of myself that I ordered a low fat item when we went out to eat with a ton of family. We went to Johnny Carino's...yum! I had this lemon rosemary chicken. It was good, I totally recommend it...although the portion size is way too big.

My biggest accomplishment I wrote about in the post before this one. I found that I was actually craving water instead of soda. Yay!

But I did get a chance to watch how my skinny cousins eat and I'm excited to try some of the stuff they make. Like chicken and stir-fry vegetables in Yashida let's see if I can find that sauce. LOL!

Please join us in Fitness on Friday. Just make a post about your exercise/health and how you're doing. Or share a tip or quote. Really share anything that's helping you. Then visit other participants and let's help each other all get healthy!

Oh and for some reason the button on the side was giving 2 buttons instead of one when you copied and pasted it. I think I have that fixed, so if you tried to copy and paste and ended up with two buttons snag the new code and it should just give you one. Sorry about that!


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Craving water over soda is nothing less than amazing! Way to go!

Lorie said...

Way to go!

mom_of2boys said...

I had trouble with the button code. It wouldn't copy and paste for me.

Jen said...

Shoot, I wonder what happened with the button code! I must have screwed something up when trying to send it to you on LDS mommies. I'm REALLY SORRY! It works fine for me. . OOPS! I feel dumb now. . . I'm glad you got it fixed :)

This week is AWFUL for me. . . I have NO control over what I eat in this house. .. only portion size. It's hot and humid and no exercising in sight unless you count Disney World walking all day. hee hee.

I'm going to be such a cow when I get back. I'm trying really I am :)