Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fitness on Friday #4

Interest in this meme was way down last week. :( I hope we can get some people joining it soon. I REALLY need the motivation.

I didn't have a good week. I really need to figure out what's keeping me from losing weight. I want to, at least I think I do. But I keep sabatoging myself. I've been motivated before and had success. Why am I struggling so hard right now?

I am doing well with my water intake though, so that's a good thing.

If you're just stumbling onto Fitness on Friday please join us. Just do a post with where you are in your fitness, how you did this week, healthy recipes, inspirational quotes or whatever else is helping you in your journey to fitness. Then sign the linky and visit others. :)


Skinny mamas said...

Hey there, I hope I'm doing this right so that I can get some motivation in my weight loss!!

Becky said...

Great idea Natalie.
Sorry, I've never done this link before so I entered my name twice.

Melissa~ said...

Hey Ya'll!

Found you through Jill's Blog and I'm joining in this week. I think this is a great idea and a great way to stay motivated!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Pink Paper Peppermints

Phil said...

Natalie. Again thank you for guest posting on my blog. I appreciate this very much.


Dawn said...

Just wanted to say Hi...I like you idea so I'm going to give it a go...