Wednesday, October 1, 2008

7.2 down

I'm down 7.2 pounds since August 1st. When I started working out almost daily 2 months ago I was hoping for faster results. But I'm happy that I'm down. I'm happy that's it's at least going down. I can exercise a lot longer now than when I started this. I don't really see a difference, but my husband says he does, so I guess that's something. Now...let's see if I can keep this going for like...forever. LOL!


Lawanda said...

YAY for YOU!!! Down is always FABULOUS! :)

My dh noticed the differences before I ever did, too.

Have you taken measurements of your arms, waist, etc? I bet you have lost some inches! :) That's usually a better indication of your progress when you work out as much as you do, than weight ;)

Natalie said...

i'm with you. i am working hard and would prefer faster results... but down is the correct direction and down is good! keep up the hard work...