Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm proud

Ok, so I know pride is a bad thing. But I'm at least pleased with myself if not really proud. I made lasagna for dinner tonight. I use ultra low fat meat, the reduced fat ricotta, lower fat part skin Mozzarella and such. So it's already lighter than regular lasagna, but it's not really healthy. Well, I was STARVING! But...I resisted going back for seconds!!! It took all my will power, but I did it. Now it's a couple hours later and I'm grateful that I didn't give in. That's all...well, that and I'm down 1.1 more pounds since Friday. Let's hope I hold onto that loss and you know, maybe lose some more. LOL!


MizFit said...

is it bad? when youve worked your arse off to get to that place?

(not rhetorical)

or is it just being prideFUL? boastful?


Lawanda said...

YAY!!!! Go YOU! :) I am proud of ya too! (Meant in the non-bad way! ;))

carla said...

checking back in on you Prideful McGee :)

how is it going??