Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slacker, slacker, slacker

Sorry I haven't updated in over a week. Call me SLACKER!!!

My weight isn't budging, stupid number, I'm getting sick of it! Hahaha!

I had a blood test today to check my thyroid, I should know the results next week. I can't really win or lose in this. I'm showing a few possible symptoms and I have a family history of thyroid problems, so that's why it's getting checked. If I do have it I win because that would explain a lot of things but it stinks because then I have a problem, although treatable. But if I don't have a problem then yay, that's not my problem, but dang it because then what's going on? You know? Did any of that make sense?

In happier news, I hired a personal trainer today. I found one here in town that only charges $15 a session (about an hour). So I'm going to start meeting with her twice a week starting next week. I'm not sure how long we can afford for me to do this, but hopefully long enough to get me established with a weight training regimen.

And, I started doing Sensa today. We'll see if it helps me drop some pounds. It's easy, just like salting your food. No crazy pills or eating plans. I figure it's worth a shot, right?

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