Wednesday, October 1, 2008


You know Lawanda made a good point in her comments on my last post. I really should take my measurements. I bet I have lost inches, because while I've only lost 7.2 pounds I have gone down a size (barely) and my husband can see a difference. Maybe I'll have him help me do that tomorrow, I'd really love to have something on paper I can look at and say "Wow, ok this is actually working."


Lawanda said...

YES! I cannot believe how my inches went down. I have lost a total of 29 pounds, but in my arms alone I have lost 5 inches! I couldn't believe that! :-D

Christie O. said...

wow! you're right, now i'm wishing i took my measurements a while back when this alls tarted. that would have been nice to see! especially since i am losing weight even more slowly now but i am still seeing things "shifting" so to speak. (ps. go rays!) hahahahah