Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Derailed by a cold

I'm totally bummed! I haven't exercised since Friday because of a stupid cold!!! My nose is so stuffy and runny and I am so tired and my head is stuck with this sinus headache. Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be back, hopefully tomorrow or the next day my nose will decide to stop running so my feet can start running again. ;)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Running the stairs is HARD!!!!

What I wouldn't give for an elliptical trainer right now. Doing stairs for 30 minutes of cross training is HARD!!!!!!! Wow! Heck, I'd rather do a stair stepping machine, even that's easier than doing actual stairs. Dang! Lol!

Today is the "easy" day. This week it really is easy, it's just a mile run. No biggie. But as the weeks go along that amount increases. So I'll be grateful for today and my easy run! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I started it...

I couldn't do much for a few days there because I took a trip to Utah with my oldest daughter. It was an early birthday present for her. We went out to a few restaurants, took her to a cupcake cafe and to a cute little play based off the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."

But now I'm home and I've started the 8 weeks to a half-marathon workout. Yesterday I walked 2 miles, ran 1 mile then walked 2 more miles. Today I'm supposed to do 30 (or more) minutes of cross training by doing some other form of cardio. Since I no longer have a gym membership and I only have a treadmill I'll likely be running up and down our stairs. I'm also supposed to do some strength training today.

Basically...we'll see how this goes.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not doing so well...

WARNING: This post talks about pregnancy (no, I'm not, unfortunately), OB/GYNs and the like. So if you're a squeamish type you might want to stop reading now. And yes lovely husband of mine, it's the kind of stuff you don't like talking about. ;)

Well, my miscarriage was three months ago today. Instead of channeling my anger into something productive by running it off I've more like stopped functioning a lot of the time. My focus is on my daughters and not on myself...seriously, when was the last time I got a hair cut? Put on full makeup? Got dressed in something other than jeans and a hoodie (except for church)?

I'm feeling a dilemma. I want to get pregnant...which totally isn't happening as quickly as I'd like (read: totally frustrated)...but I want to get in shape too. I found a program that helps you run a half-marathon on 8 weeks. It looks totally doable since I can already run and once I get into it I enjoy it. Ahhh...all that free time to think and listen to music as I run...or you know, watch the food channel while I run (whatever, it's torture but I do it). But it's too intense to do while pregnant, so if I got pregnant while doing it I'd be risking another miscarriage, I think.

So...do I stop trying to get preggers for a couple months and focus on the running? Or do I just keep trying for a baby and do the running after?

Sigh...I have an appointment in less than 2 weeks for that dreaded annual visit at the OB/GYN...I think I'm going to talk about it with her.