Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And it starts...

I really had to talk myself into it tonight, but I did it. I started running. I guess technically I ran twice today since part of my training session at the gym this morning included running laps around the racquetball court. But I don't count that.

My goal was to see how long it would take me to run a mile. I'm not fast...very, very not fast. (I don't want to call myself slow) But it took me 13 minutes and 18 seconds. My next goal is to improve that time. I can tell running will be good. I started with a five minute walking warm up, then I ran my mile then cooled down for the next minute and 42 seconds. In that 20 minutes I was sweating way more than I did during an 80 minute training session in the morning doing all sorts of stuff from biking to elliptical to push-ups and ab work. The hula hoop I did on the Wii got me sweating too...but not as much. So all in all I had an active day, but I really think the running was the best part.

If I don't write tomorrow I just want to say...Happy New Year!!! May 2009 be a year of great change!

Monday, December 29, 2008

I've made an executive decision

Ok, so I figure I'm the CEO of my life and my health and it's time I made some changes. I've been working my rear off (I wish literally) and nothing is working. The one thing that has always worked is running.

I love running...really I do. But it's one of those things that when I stop doing it I stop liking it and it's hard to get back into.

But I need to do something...so...I've decided I'm going to run the Las Vegas Half-Marathon. I ran it in 2002...so I know it's possible. I was doing some research tonight and it's changed since then. It's been sold and is in December instead of January/February. It runs through the strip instead of out in the boonies outside of town (sounds like a cool change). So I have just over 11 months to whip my rear (literally) into shape to do this.

I'm hoping with a goal in mind that I can do it. It's not a goal to lose 40 pounds or drop a dress size. It's a goal to be strong enough, to get enough endurance to do this. Hopefully all the other stuff will come along with it.

At the same time I'm still going to workout with a trainer, I'm still going to use the elliptical and bike, I'm still going to use the Wii Fit, etc. But now I'm going to run and it will be my main focus.

Friday, December 26, 2008


I really need to start writing more. I'm sure it would help me. But it's the holidays and I think subconsciously I don't want to be good. But I really do. I haven't gained over the holidays, so that's good. I've been logging extra time at the gym and on the Wii Fit to make up for the cookies, ice cream and mashed potatoes and gravy I've been eating.

Then there's a day like today...not good! My daughter has croup, and this day has been all about her. We took her to the doctor's office, we ended up going to the hospital for neck x-rays because she wouldn't swallow and was just letting her spit pool in her mouth then she would drool it out like crazy. They were worried she had something worse. We had to drive 40 miles to get to a pharmacy to get her medication and then I had to make dinner and she just wanted to cuddle. She only drank juice, didn't touch a bite of food. So I cuddled with her until bedtime. I never got to the gym and now I'm so exhausted (I was up more times than I can count last night because of my daughter's sickness). Today I'll probably log a gain...oh well. She's totally worth it, so I don't regret it. I just wish I'd eaten better. With all the go, go, go I so didn't eat well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm Down

I'm down and not just a little bit. No, I'm not talking about my weight...I wish (stupid monthly visitor always messes that up). But yesterday I got the blood test results from my second thyroid test. It turns out the dose they've been giving me is too high and I have to go down to the next lowest dose...which is the lowest possible dose.

Why would this get me down? Doesn't it mean my body isn't as messed up?

NO! It means I have no idea why my body is holding on to this stupid weight! I exercise every freaking day...EVERY DAY! In the past four and a half months, since I started working out so much, I am about 5 pounds down. I've gone up and down with those same stupid pounds. Sure, the Wii Fit brought them down since they'd gone up. But gosh dang it, I was hoping my thyroid was the key, the piece keeping me from finding results. But nope, now I just have a messed up body that wants to be fat.

I don't know what to do. I seriously exercise every day, usually for more than an hour. Yesterday was for THREE hours. Yes, three. I went to the gym in the morning for an hour and a half with a trainer. Then while dinner was in the oven and my husband was watching the girls I went back for half an hour, then after the girls were in bed I did the Wii Fit for an hour. Today was only a little over an hour, 51 minutes on the Wii Fit and 10 minutes of ab work. Shouldn't I see results if I'm doing this so often???

The doctor said I must be gaining muscle...you know what I say to that??? B.S.!!!!! My clothes still fit the same, my body is still squishy. Muscle my rear end! My body HATES me!!!!!!!!

You know what's not fair? I'm not looking to be sickly skinny. I just want to be a size 8 or even a 10 and I'd be happy. I have a TON of clothes in those sizes from before I had my 2 beautiful daughters. It shouldn't be this hard...I'm putting forth the effort, where are my results???

Sorry, I'm really bummed. I feel lost. I feel frustrated. I feel helpless. I really don't know what to do...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

That's what I call dedication

I got up at 7:30 this morning to meet my trainer at the gym. It was 0 degrees outside...ZERO!!! Yet I still went and worked out for an hour and a half. Oh yeah, I'm dedicated!

And...I'm so excited for the Biggest Loser finale tonight!!! I don't want Vicky to win, I don't want Heba to win, I don't want Ed to win...hehehe...can you tell who I want to win. Geez though, I was so tempted to vote for Ed to be in the final 3 since they begged for Heba to be in, I like him better than her, why can't he want this for himself? But I'm nice and just didn't vote. We'll see how others feel.

Does anyone know when the next season starts? I need this weekly motivation, I LOVE this show!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

See ya later pounds!

Ok, so I've been using the Wii for a little less than 2 weeks and I've already lost a few pounds. Yay! I'll be singing this thing's praises for a long time if it keeps up. My husband is pretty happy too. He's lost a little and all the yoga and whatnot has helped his back. It's been hurting him for awhile and now it rarely does and he's pretty sure it's because of the Wii.

My abs are currently in that good kind of hurt right now, but not because of the Wii. I'm still meeting with a trainer every so often and she killed my abs on Friday. I LOVE it! LOL!

I joined the Wii Fit Mommiis the other day, but then they disappeared? I'm so confused. There was a message board and a blog and now it's all gone. :( I'm hoping it comes back, but I'm not gonna hold my breath. Sigh...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Did you know...?

Did you know if you're right handed your left leg is stronger and vice versa? I just learned that...and I've been noticing during leg exercises that it's true for me. Weird!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wii Fit Rocks!

Ok, so now I've had time to work with the Wii Fit and it's so dang fun! Seriously, best (early) Christmas present ever!

My weight is more maintaining right now than anything. It's totally frustrating! I'm really trying though and I just know it's going to start going down again. Especially with all the strength training I've been doing both at the gym and on the Wii Fit.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wii Fit

Ok, so I haven't abandoned my quest to lose weight, but you'd think I had by looking at this blog. Sorry! I'm here, I'm in about the same place as last time. BUT...

WE GOT A Wii FIT!!!!!

It's our Christmas present to each other. It came yesterday and we started trying it out today. Yes, we're worse than kids when it comes to waiting for Christmas presents. The only difference is we're adults and we can open 'em early if we want to. LOL!

I'm so excited! My husband has been working out with it for over an hour...tomorrow I'm going to try to wear myself out trying out as much of it as I can. Yay for virtual trainers.

Speaking of trainers...I'm still meeting with one. We did a 2 hour workout on Tuesday morning and I'm still in pain. I love this kind of pain!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

2.7 down...sort of

I gained weight on vacation, 4.1 pounds to be exact. Yucky, huh? I knew I wasn't good. But I'm already 2.7 pounds down from that so I'm on my way to getting back to where I was so I can work on losing more. But I'm happy. I lost that weight on a week where I only went to the gym twice because I was sick. Not the kind of sick where you can't eat, so I still ate. So yay for my body being nice to me for a change.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm looking so skinny...hahahahaha

Ok, I just have to laugh at this. I was at the store earlier today. I was (am) sick, grumpy and feeling rather frumpy in my baggiest jeans and one of my husbands sweatshirts, no makeup on and wearing a ball cap (you get the picture, it's not pretty). But this lady, that I vaguely recognized came up behind me in line and said.....

"You look so skinny! You've lost so much weight, you look great!"

I was a little taken aback and I honestly think she has me confused with someone else, unless the last time she saw me I was preggers. She seemed serious, so I don't think she was being a sm@rt@ss. But I'll take the complement and pretend it really was for me.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vicky sucks!!!

I'm watching The Biggest Loser right now and VICKY SUCKS!!! Sorry, but she's rude and cocky and annoying and I'm ticked that she can't go home tonight. Gah!!!!!!

I'll update more on me later. I've had a rough time lately with being out of town and now I'm sick. I know...again. Gah! LOL!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Gluttony, Pure Gluttony

Sorry I haven't been around and posting this past week. We went back to Utah to visit family and friends. I hadn't been back in 7 months and my husband hadn't been back in 22 months. Needless to say, there were a lot of things we wanted to see and do while we were there. Of course, that included a few restaurants that we just had to go to. It was gluttony!

I was good at Bajio's grill. I had the chicken green chile salad. So dang good! But when we went to Tucano's Brazilian grill there was no being good. Sure, I stopped eating before I wanted to. Maybe that's why I wasn't in pain like my husband and dad were. But it was definitely a much bigger meal than I've eaten in forever. Then there was Las Tarascas (sp?). It has authentic tacos al pastor that my husband loves. They remind him of his mission in Mexico. And our last stop was Pudding on the Rice. We ended up brining that home to Colorado in a cooler, so I have it sitting in my refrigerator right now. Oh...and this was over the course of a few days. All that food in one day would kill anyone. LOL! On a better eating note...our first night there we had a party at my grandparents house with some of my cousins and their cute little kiddos. My grandma made her homemade veggie soup. It's my favorite soup in the whole wide world! So that night I ate really healthy. :)

I think this week we'll be eating a lot of stir-fry chicken and veggies in Yoshida sauce with brown rice. We both need to get back on track.

And someone please give me the will power to toss most of the girls' Halloween candy. We didn't even go to that many houses and they have a ginormous bowl full. Gah!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Big Fat ZERO!!! HFH post

Ok, so my weight loss/gain for this week's Hot for the Holidays is a big fat ZERO!!! It's better than a gain, but always disappointing.

I was sick for a lot of the week so I didn't exercise every day. That could explain a lot.

This week was also full of changes that could help me get healthier. One was I started working out with a trainer. We did legs yesterday and Oh. My. Gosh. I can't walk! I hurt! LOL! It's a good hurt though, it's one that means I'm getting stronger and I can live with that. Also, I was diagnosed with a low thyroid. So starting today I'm on medication for it. For some people that helps them lose weight. Hopefully I'm one of them. I've been so discouraged with how hard I'm working to lose so little. So what I'm hoping is that this medicine will help my body work like it used to. Where if I put forth the effort I reaped the rewards. You know?

So that's this week. No exciting loss, but possible exciting changes.

Visit Baby Tea Leaves for more Hot for the Holidays participants. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I have a low thyroid

I called the doctor today because it had been over a week and I hadn't heard back with the results from my blood test. Somehow they had been placed on another doctor's desk. So with them finally in the right hands I was able to find out that my thyroid is in fact low. It's not the lowest he's ever seen, but it's low enough to medicate. I forget the name of the medicine, it's the generic for synthroid, I remember that much. I'm on the next to lowest dose. But I'm hoping that my body will start to act normal again now. Time will tell...but maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones whose body starts working in terms of weight loss. I'm not looking for a quick fix by any means, but I want my body to respond when I work my tail off. Seriously, when you're working an hour or more a day you should see results, you know? Fingers crossed!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm sore, oh so very sore...and I LOVE it!

I trained today and I'm so sore now. We did all upper body stuff and my arms are starting to get shaky now. I love it! I'm getting stronger. I'm hoping to start losing inches upon inches. A girl can dream, right?

I'm off to my first training session

My first session with my new personal trainer starts in about ten minutes. I'm just running out the door right now. I hope I'm not in pain later...but then again, I kinda hope I am. Lol!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

No exercise...eek!

I've been sick for two days. I did exercise yesterday, but only for 45 minutes because I could tell the sickies were going to hit harder. Today I couldn't have exercised if I wanted to. I'm hoping to be able to get my butt moving tomorrow, but I'm doubtful. But dang it, I better be all better by Tuesday. I'm looking forward to getting my butt kicked by a trainer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slacker, slacker, slacker

Sorry I haven't updated in over a week. Call me SLACKER!!!

My weight isn't budging, stupid number, I'm getting sick of it! Hahaha!

I had a blood test today to check my thyroid, I should know the results next week. I can't really win or lose in this. I'm showing a few possible symptoms and I have a family history of thyroid problems, so that's why it's getting checked. If I do have it I win because that would explain a lot of things but it stinks because then I have a problem, although treatable. But if I don't have a problem then yay, that's not my problem, but dang it because then what's going on? You know? Did any of that make sense?

In happier news, I hired a personal trainer today. I found one here in town that only charges $15 a session (about an hour). So I'm going to start meeting with her twice a week starting next week. I'm not sure how long we can afford for me to do this, but hopefully long enough to get me established with a weight training regimen.

And, I started doing Sensa today. We'll see if it helps me drop some pounds. It's easy, just like salting your food. No crazy pills or eating plans. I figure it's worth a shot, right?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm proud

Ok, so I know pride is a bad thing. But I'm at least pleased with myself if not really proud. I made lasagna for dinner tonight. I use ultra low fat meat, the reduced fat ricotta, lower fat part skin Mozzarella and such. So it's already lighter than regular lasagna, but it's not really healthy. Well, I was STARVING! But...I resisted going back for seconds!!! It took all my will power, but I did it. Now it's a couple hours later and I'm grateful that I didn't give in. That's all...well, that and I'm down 1.1 more pounds since Friday. Let's hope I hold onto that loss and you know, maybe lose some more. LOL!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


You know Lawanda made a good point in her comments on my last post. I really should take my measurements. I bet I have lost inches, because while I've only lost 7.2 pounds I have gone down a size (barely) and my husband can see a difference. Maybe I'll have him help me do that tomorrow, I'd really love to have something on paper I can look at and say "Wow, ok this is actually working."

7.2 down

I'm down 7.2 pounds since August 1st. When I started working out almost daily 2 months ago I was hoping for faster results. But I'm happy that I'm down. I'm happy that's it's at least going down. I can exercise a lot longer now than when I started this. I don't really see a difference, but my husband says he does, so I guess that's something. Now...let's see if I can keep this going for like...forever. LOL!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

HFTH Week 3...sort of

I didn't do a Hot for the Holidays post this past week. I just didn't feel like it. But I did lose .7 pounds. I'm getting discouraged that I'm not even hitting a whole pound each week. But at least it's going down. The past 3 days I've gone to the gym for 80 minutes. My legs have felt like rubber each time after I've left. I'm really coming to like that feeling, it feels like I did something good for myself.

My husband has to work almost as soon as I get home from church tomorrow, so I'm not sure I'll be able to go. But I'll definitely have to do a Jillian Michael's dvd. Those things kick my butt in only half an hour.

Anyway, that's what's up with me and my fatty fat self.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Maybe a little rest is a good thing

I'm so desperate to drop pounds that sometimes I forget to just take a day off. Well, mother nature has a funny way of reminding me about this sometimes.

I woke up on Saturday with a wicked kink in my neck. I hurt so bad that the only exercise I got that day was some light walking outside. I was still in agony yesterday and didn't do one little bit of exercise at all.

Well, I decided to step on the scale today to see what damage was done by my total lack of movement. And...no damage done! I was actually down .4, that takes care of the .3 that crept back from Wednesday to Friday last week plus .1. Yay!

Now, I'm back to getting busy moving. I've already spent an hour on the elliptical today. Because seriously, a little rest is good but a lot leads to fattyville. I know from experience. ;)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hot for the Holidays Week 2

So today was the official weigh in for Hot for the Holidays. Unfortunately, I didn't keep all of that 1 pound loss. Somehow in the past 2 days I gained .3 pounds. Sigh...

But at least I'm down .7 for the week. It didn't meet my goal of 1-2 pounds, but a loss is a loss and I'll take it.

My goal this week is to lose 1-2 pounds. Hopefully it happens. I'm really, really trying. On Monday I'm starting the 5 weeks to a 5K I read about in Fitness Magazine, so we'll see how that helps.

I'm still working on getting all my water in. I totally failed at that this week...but I'm already doing better with it today.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

.6 more

The other day I was .4 down, well today I was another .6 down. The official weigh in for Hot for the Holidays isn't until Friday, but I'm hoping to keep this loss and maybe even add .1 or .2 to it. My goal for the week was 1-2 pounds so I'm pretty happy with this 1 pound total loss in five days.

Since August 1st I'm down a total of 5.4 pounds, it's not much but at least it's going down, right?

I did an hour on the elliptical today, I read Fitness magazine while I was there and they had a 5 weeks to a 5K plan that I think I'm going to start on Monday. There's also a 5 weeks to running faster and a 10 weeks to a 10K plan, I might do those later if the first one works for me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Biggest Loser...AGAIN!!!

The new season of The Biggest Loser starts tonight...I'm SO excited!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday is a day of rest...or not

I didn't take today off from exercise. I did 65 minutes on the elliptical. I want to play Wii tonight, which I get really into so that will be a little bit a of a calorie burn in itself. Tomorrow might be more of a day of rest. We're thinking of driving to Colorado Springs, which is 2 1/2 hours each way. So we won't be around much. I'm hoping to be home in time to get in a workout, but just in case I made sure to be busy today.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I was surprised, happy surprised, when the scale went down by .4 today. It's not a lot. But for an overnight loss I'll take that any day! I did a lot of exercise yesterday though, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the treadmill plus 100 crunches and 50 wall push ups. Today I wasn't as active. I did take a long walk and I did 45 minutes on the elliptical plus 10 minutes of weights on my arms. We'll see if I do some ab work before bed. But I'm trying...I'm really, really trying!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekly weigh in for Hot for the Holidays

I'm down a total of 1.8 pounds since I signed up for this challenge. I say that's pretty good, since that was just for 5 days. Besides, I'm aiming at 1-2 pounds a week total. Sure I'd like more, but I don't have six hours a day to do cardio like the folks on The Biggest Loser. Some days I'm lucky to catch 30 minutes while other days I have more time.

My goal for this week is to lose 1-2 pounds, to exercise everyday again, even if it's just a little bit. And to get back to drinking tons of water. I was doing so well with that until a couple weeks ago. That stupid article about how drinking water doesn't really help came out and I guess subconsciously slowed down. Well, you know what researchers on that one...YOU ARE WRONG!!! Drinking water does help me, so there! ;)

Here's the question that was asked of all Hot for the Holidays participants: What do you want your legacy to be?

Well, I'd like for my girls to be active because their mom is active. I come from a long line of fat...they have genetics against them. So if I can get more active, hopefully they'll be active and won't have to deal with the same weight issues as I do.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Going well...so far

So, today is day 2 of the Hot for the Holidays challenge. I was down 1.3 pounds this morning. It's probably a fluke...but hey, I'll take it! I'd gone up a bit in the past 1 1/2 weeks and was frustrated. Now if I can just keep going down all will be good.

I did 65 minutes on the elliptical yesterday and 35 minutes today. I also did 30 minutes on the treadmill today including 12 minutes of running. I wish I could do more before having to walk again, but I plan to add on that number each time. I will get back to running, I will. I ran a half-marathon in 2002, I can do it again, right?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hot for the Holidays

You see that "Hot for the Holidays" button in my sidebar? I was reading 5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere today and saw the link to this so I clicked on over. It starts TOMORROW!!!!! But you can join any time, but the sooner you join the more prizes you'll be eligible for, so I'm in now. That being said...I'm not going to do Fitness on Fridays until this is over. The weigh ins for this are on Fridays and I'll be posting about it.

So I guess starting tomorrow I'll be involved in two weight loss programs. The one I've been doing goes until Halloween and there are only about a dozen of us competing. This new one goes until DECEMBER, yes...all the way until December and there are already a ton of people signed up. So this will keep my motivation going. I may not be exactly "hot" by the holidays, but I'll be well on my way if I keep this up. Come join me!!!

Oh...and here's the button/link to it (same as in my sidebar):

Hot for the Holidays

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fitness on Friday

Will post more later...busy, busy, busy.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I am a trainer...lol!

My husband wants me to be his trainer so to speak. He wants me to decide what he eats for all meals and snacks. He wants me to make him go workout. I'll see what I can do. Today was the first day we did this and it turned out well other than us not eating dinner until 9:30pm. The girls ate earlier, but he worked until 7pm and then we took turns going to the gym and then he showered while I made dinner. It shouldn't be that hard usually, he only has one more shift like that this month. Fingers crossed we can get into shape together.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm so excited!!!

I've been dying for The Biggest Loser to come back on with a new season. I had no idea when that would be. But tonight my husband saw an ad for a new season and it's starting on September 16th!!! I'm so stinkin' excited!!! It's Biggest Loser Families, should be interesting. I like the original best so far, but the couples version was ok too. We'll see how this one goes. I can't wait for the motivation.

635 Calories

No, I'm not talking about the number of calories in my last meal or anything. But that's how many calories I burned at the gym today. Going to the gym on Sunday is one of my favorite (and only) parts I like about living here. You see, I don't believe in going out to spend money or make people work on Sundays. But here, no one works at the gym. I just have to enter a code in the door and let myself in. If no one is there I turn the lights and music on and workout to my heart's content. If others are there then I just start working out. The last person to leave shuts everything off. So my being there doesn't make anyone work. I just felt like clarifying that for anyone who knows my beliefs I guess. I'm not breaking them by working out today. LOL!

But it felt so good to workout so hard. I needed that.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fitness on Friday...again

Ok, so Fitness on Friday has little or no interest that I know of. And well, it's after midnight and I'm lazy, in a bad mood and need to go to bed. None of which are any of your fault, but it's just what it is right now. So please, leave a link in the comments if you wrote about your fitness this week. I need to put up a linky, but that will have to wait until next week. Sorry I'm a big slacker loser head. Lol!

I haven't done my weigh in yet...that's in the morning. But I don't have a good feeling about it. On top of that .2 gain a couple days ago I'm experiencing what women all over experience every stinking month...so yeah, this is not going to be a good one. Lol!

But...I'm determined to make this week so much better. I'll be breaking out that step my dad gave me tomorrow. I haven't been to the gym for...eek, 10 days!!!!! My lovely hubby was out of town so I didn't go (still is, but he'll be back today!!!). My dad's been here a lot of the time (still is), but I didn't want to leave him with the girls that long. He wasn't feeling too well and I was content being lazy (bad, Natalie, bad!). So I'll be back there sweating away this week. Oh yes, I will counteract this lousy week with a good one. :)

Now, this crabby monkey is going to bed!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Craptastic Week

I have nothing happy to report on the weight loss front. My dad's been in town and I've been eating less than perfect to say the least. As of yesterday I'd only gained .2 since last Friday. I'm going to work my rear off today to see if I can lose that and maybe .1 or .2 more. Fingers crossed.

On a happier note, I found out my dad reads this blog. I had no idea, I thought he just read my main blog. Well, from reading this he found out I needed an exercise step for my Jillian Michael's dvds. So while he was here visiting he bought one for me as an early birthday present!!! He also bought me a blender, now I can start making yummy fruit smoothies (and the occasional shake...eek!). :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh crap! Fitness on Friday

I'm sorry, I totally spaced that today is Friday. It's already almost 1:30pm and I haven't posted it. Just leave your link in the comments. I'm a big LOSER for forgetting. Gah!

BTW...I lost 2.6 pounds this week. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Opinion Thus Far

Ok, for the past two nights I've done a Jillian Michael's exercise dvd, a different one each night. Last night's dvd focused on the front of my body and tonights on the back of my body. I had to modify them a bit because I don't have an exercise step...but I'm going to have to save up for one.

I really liked them to be honest. They're only about half an hour long, give or take. But she keeps you moving the entire time. I was exhausted after each of them. The back exercise exhausted me more than the front exercise, but I'm also coming down with a cold or some other evil bug so that might have something to do with it.

I have three more to try still. We'll see if she can keep kicking my rear...I have a feeling she will.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My dvds are here!!!!!

So my Jillian Michaels dvds came. I won't have a chance to test them out until probably Tuesday because my husband has the next couple days off and I'm too embarrassed to do them in front of him. But I'm totally excited! I love watching The Biggest Loser and she's my favorite trainer of the three...so yay!!! Hopefully she can whip my butt into gear.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Scale Was My Friend

Ok, so I'm not really happy with the number on the scale. In fact, I probably won't be happy with it for several months. But...it was kind to me this morning. After spiking a couple days ago, sending me into a spiral of sadness, it dropped off. In fact it was 1.4 pounds lighter than last Friday. That's a total of 1.8 pounds lost in the last two weeks. It's not a ton, but I'll take it. Slow and steady, right?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fitness on Friday #I can't remember at the moment...lol

Call it mommy brain, call it tiredness, call it what you will. I just opened this post and realized I have no idea what number of Fitness on Friday this is. Oops!

Anyway, I had some stuff in magazines that I thought would be great to share, but now I can't find them...dang it! I'll look this week.

As for me, well I've been terribly discouraged. I've been working like a mad woman trying to lose weight and get healthier. Then yesterday the scale was UP...gah! Then this morning it was back down. If it stays down though I'm only at .9 lost in 2 weeks. Yeah, less than a pound. Frustrated? Yes!!! We'll see how I fair in the morning when I weigh myself.

I ordered some Jillian Michael's fitness dvd's from Amazon. They should arrive sometime this week...hopefully doing those will help. One can always hope, right?

How did you do this week?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

617 Calories

That's how many calories I burned today according to the elliptical trainer at the gym. I really don't know how accurate that is, but I was sweaty and tired so I know I worked hard. But I don't feel all that great about it.

I should.

I used to feel great after a workout. But now...I don't feel like it's enough.

Maybe it's because I have more to lose than I ever have before. There were times I thought I had a ton to lose, but in retrospect I didn't have all that much to lose.

I know I can't expect overnight results. This will take some time. But dang it...I want to at least feel good about what I'm doing...and I don't.

Friday, August 8, 2008

My date with the scale...

Well, it didn't go as well as I was hoping. It was down...barely! I lost all of .4 pounds this week...not even a full half pound. Sigh...I know where my problem was. I snacked...we went to three county fairs and I justified a snow cone here, a shared funnel cake there, some bbq...well, you get the idea. So this week since I'm not going anywhere I hope that my date next Friday morning goes better.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fitness on Friday #20

I'm not sure anyone is really reading this anymore. I may just quit Fitness on Friday...I'm not sure.

Anyway, for anyone who is here this week...I was reading Self magazine today while I was trudging away on the elliptical. It mentioned 20 super foods for weight loss. I thought I'd share those with you, for full details check out the August 2008 Self magazine.

1. Steak
2. Eggs
3. Kale
4. Oats
5. Lentils
6. Goji berries
7. Wild salmon
8. Apples
9. Buckwheat pasta
10. Blueberries
11. Almond butter
12. Pomegranates
13. Chiles
14. Yogurt (plain)
15. Quinoa
16. Sardines
17. Tarragon
18. Parmesan
19. Avocado
20. Olive oil

Now some of those I can totally handle...others (sardines anyone?) I'm not so sure. What ones can you handle...or not?

Oh and my weigh in is in the morning, we'll see how I did this week. I exercised everyday, and I'm sore right now from what I did yesterday. So I'm hoping the scale has budged a little...in the downward direction.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fitness on Friday # 19

Here I sit at nearly 2am and I'm still up. In a few hours it will be morning. I'll be up for the day and will be starting my Biggest Loser challenge. I have to weigh in and post profiles pics...but I won't be doing that here. People I know in real life read this and I just can't face them knowing that much about me. But I will be posting my ups and downs and anything I learn along the way. This competition ends on Halloween (of all days...lol!).

My goals for this challenge? Well...to lose weight, obviously. But how? I'm not going on any strict diet. I'm going to just cut my portions down. Usually, not always, I make good choices when it comes to my meals. But snacking...that's where I have to make big changes. I bought a bunch of fruit and veggies tonight. And not to mention Crystal Light...drink, drink, drink.

I hope to have an upbeat post next week with happy news of weight loss. I hope you all have happy posts this week. And if you don't? I hope you have a good week and have a happy post next week. I wish you all luck!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Oops! Fitness on Friday

My inlaws are here and I totally spaced doing Fitness on Friday this week. I'm still in a lot of pain with my knees. We're using hydrogen peroxide on them now so hopefully they will finally get better.

Next week I'll be back up and running with Fitness on Friday. I start a challenge in a week and I will be posting all my updates and things I've tried that week to lose this darn chub.

Monday, July 21, 2008


My inlaws are in town and my mother-in-law was giving my oldest a bath while I watched the baby and we chatted. Somehow we got on the topic of weight issues. I made a comment that my problem isn't really what I eat at meals, because generally I make good choices. I really like good, healthy food. But my problem is I'm a snacker, and my snacks aren't always...ok, are almost never...healthy. Then she said she can see a difference in me since the beginning of May when I last saw them...and it's a difference in the right direction. So that made me feel good.

I hope she's not saying it just because she knows I injured myself on a treadmill a week ago so she knows I've been exercising and that I must be looking better.

Speaking of injuring myself on the treadmill...I can't believe I still hurt so bad! I have yucky scabby knees. You wanted to know that, didn't you? LOL!

Fingers crossed they get better quick! We're supposed to go into Denver and take the girls to the zoo later this week.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fitness on Friday #18

I'm getting really discouraged. I try, I do well...then, well, I fail.

This week I don't really feel like it was my fault though. I was so excited on Monday when my husband had the day off. I was going to run on the treadmill while he watched the girls. I'd been good the previous few nights walking on there while they slept, but was too nervous about waking them up to run.

Well, I wasn't on it even a minute when I had an accident. It all happened so fast that I really don't know what happened. All I know is my knees are skinned (and I'm thinking rug burned too) worse than I've ever skinned them before. Tonight, more than 72 hours later I am still in agony every time I move my legs.

My husband has helped me wash and dress them with ointment and bandaids. I've cried and screamed like I was in labor. Seriously, this is awful!

So now I can't do much of anything. And it's really making me feel bad.

I need healthy vibes. I signed up to do a biggest loser competition on a big mommy board I belong to. It starts July 31 and runs until October 31. I did this before. I didn't lose much then...just 4 pounds. But this time I'm ready to compete.

My youngest will be a year next weekend. By her second birthday I want to be in my pre-preggo clothes. No, not my pre-preggo clothes with her, but my pre-preggo clothes with my 3 year old. It's time...I have no excuse for being a chubby mommy.

That is all. I am not at all encouraging this week. But I guarantee you I will become more so once this competition starts. I will be drinking water pretty much all the time. My exercise ball will become worn out by the sheer number of crunches that will be done. My treadmill...well, I'm going to show it who's boss (hint...it is NOT the boss!)...ok, so yeah.

Oh and those who wanted to be added to the blogroll in my sidebar I'll be doing that this week. If you haven't been added yet and didn't ask to be last week please let me know and I'll put you on this week along with those from last week. Thanks!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fitness on Friday #17

Sorry about the Linky not working last week. I was having serious computer problems. I'd forgotten to get this up on Thursday and we were trying to get out of town. It was a hectic morning.

I honestly haven't dared weigh myself this week. I need to start doing that again. I really liked seeing the numbers go down, even if it was just .1 or so at a time. A change, any change, in the downward direction is good.

I've been really good about walking. I've been walking nearly every day for weeks now. The only day I missed was when we were out of town. I guess I can be forgiven for that one, right?

On a better note, we got our grocery shopping done so the house if full of good and healthy choices right now. :)

Oh yeah, and I got my blogroll up with participants. Please let me know if you want to be added. Thanks!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fitness on Friday #16

Happy 4th of July! I hope you have a good one!

I lost another 1.1 pounds this week. Not great, but I'll take it! I just hope I don't gain it all back today. We're headed out to do some fun stuff for the weekend...that's never the best news when you're watching your weight.

I discovered Fiber One Oats & Apple Streusel bars this week...on my gosh! Yum!!!!!! I wrote about them on my main blog too...lol, yeah, they're that good.

Sorry this is a short one...I've gotta go!

I can't get my computer and Mr. Linky to get along today. Please leave your link either in the comments section here or in last week's linky. Thanks!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fitness on Friday #15

On Sunday it hit me. I have to take this losing weight thing more seriously. I wish I could join Weight Watchers, but honestly I'm in the boonies and am nowhere near a meeting place. I know they have the online version, but I know myself well enough to know I would fail that way. But I've been weighing myself daily and I'm down 1.4 pounds since Sunday. I've been consciously drinking lots of water. I've been going on walks daily, tonight I walked for 3 miles! I need to get back to the gym, I'm thinking tomorrow. I was doing so well with that before I got sick, but haven't been even once since getting better...and I've been better for a couple weeks now. I've been snacking LOTS less.

My husband and I played the Wii tonight, at least one of my arms will be sore tomorrow. I guess that's a little extra exercise. We should do that more often.

What do you do when you hit a rut? When you started losing weight, what was it that motivated you to keep going?

What do you snack on when you need a little something between meals?

Oh...and do you want to be added to my blogroll in my sidebar? If so just let me know in the comments and I'll get you added this week. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fitness on Friday #14

I feel terrible. I really have nothing to report this week. My husband lost 9 1/2 pounds in the last month though. He's in a fitness competition with his captain and he's winning. So that's cool.

Our scale died today. It wasn't just the battery, it just up and died. I ended up having to go buy a new one. But hey, I walked to the store to get it so I got some extra exercise in. :) (The store is 4-5 blocks away)

I took a 2 mile walk tonight, it felt good. I had to run home at the end of it because the tornado sirens started going off. Yeah, scary! But all is good there...and I ran a bit. LOL!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fitness on Friday #13

Short and sweet this week...

I spent most of this week sick, so I didn't have any major breakthroughs or anything. But I was watching BBC America and saw the show "You Are What You Eat." I talked about it on my other blog. But good gosh, please don't ever let me get so bad that I'd qualify for that show. Eek! It did give me the motivation to pop in an exercise dvd and workout for half an hour. I also took a few walks this week when I was feeling up to it. And tonight I'll get a little exercise when I learn to play our Wii. We bought it a week ago and I've been too sick to feel like playing. Now I really can't wait to get the Wii Fit.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I did it!

I finally visited the participants of Fitness on Friday. I know, I should have done it on Friday. But I have a really good excuse, really, I do. I've been sick for a week and a half. But being me, meaning I hate taking medicine, I just kept putting off going to the doctor and I got more and more sick. I was grateful for my husband's 4 days off from Saturday through yesterday. I slept...a lot! Finally on Monday I dragged my sorry bum to the doctor and found out I have strep throat. Oh joy! But now I'm feeling much better, which is good because my husband left for work at 6:30am and we don't know what time he'll be home today (he's in training at the shooting range more than an hour from here).

My goal for this week? To visit all the participants on Friday or Saturday. Fingers crossed and wish me luck.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fitness on Friday #12

First off, I need to apologize to everyone who participated last week. I just barely, six days later, got to visiting your blogs. Please forgive me. I'm a big loser who didn't even look at this blog all week.

I have no excitement to share, no big weight loss or anything. I'm too scared to step on the scale. But I do have something to show you. My new toy, do you see it there in that picture? I'm going to start doing exercises on this ball. I had one in the past, but when we moved to Colorado it didn't make it so my mom inherited a new ball.

I've been sick the past couple days and I've used that as an excuse to drink regular Sprite instead of diet. Naughty, naughty, naughty!!! So, I guess it's time to get back on the wagon and back to the water.

One tasty, healthy snack my husband and I tried this week is the new Fiber One yogurt from Yoplait. They are actually really good and are full of fiber...you can't beat that. It's become my husband's new nightly snack.

How are you all doing? I hope better than me.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fitness on Friday #11

This week I'm going to share a tip I learned:

I was reading a magazine this week and it mentioned a use for peppermint that's new to me. It can actually help you not feel hungry. And you don't even have to eat it. If you like peppermint just suck a mint or chew some sugar free gum. But if you don't like it use some peppermint lotion or light a peppermint candle and viola...you won't feel as hungry. Interesting concept...I need to put this one to the test.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fitness on Friday #10

I started going to the gym again this week. It was nice. Although today I was glad I'm a little pudgy because it was so windy here that I about fell over a half a dozen times as I walked to the gym. Yep, I walked to the gym...and my pudgyness kept me from falling over on the way. LOL!

I actually weighed myself last week and this week. There wasn't much change...just a half a pound lost. But I'll take it because it's better than nothing. I wasn't too strict on my eating, but I was exercising more so now if I keep exercising and eat better I should see better results. So that's my goal this week...to lose more than half a pound.

How did you do this week? Did you learn anything new?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fitness on Friday #9

Ok, so interest in Fitness on Friday has really been dwindling. Part of that I will totally blame on myself for not always visiting the participants. I vow to change that. I will visit you all this week!

For those of you here for the first time, you're probably wondering what this meme is. Well, it's basically a way to encourage others and get motivation for ourselves. You can write a post on your blog about how you're doing. Or, if you don't want to be that public about it, you can post a comment here about how you're doing. You can post a tip you've discovered, you can do a weigh in, you can basically do anything fitness related. And like I stated above, I need to visit others and it's nice if other participants can visit others too.

This week, today actually, my husband started a Biggest Loser competition with his boss. They had lunch recently and they were talking about how they had both gained weight recently. So my husband issued the challenge. So now I'm happy that I have someone who is focusing on this too. I really hope it will help me out. Another thing I find encouraging is that I'm craving fruit. You don't know how weird this is. Fruit is probably my least favorite food group. I LOVE vegetables, but fruit...ick. But I've been wanting it. I even had my husband pick up a pineapple for me at the store today. I can't wait to cut it up tomorrow and eat some of it.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fitness on Friday #8

I'm back from vacation and am doing damage repair. I'm doing well on my eating and have been walking every day.

I'm realizing that my self-esteem may be lower than I thought. I got new pants while in New Hampshire, but now after wearing them a few times I'm realizing how big they are. They're literally falling off me. I should've listened to my husband and gotten a smaller size. But I thought I was that big.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yummy Healthy Snack

My husband bought some Yoplait Go-Gurt recently. We froze it and it makes a yummy frozen treat. Ice cream is my biggest weakness, and I'm not claiming this will replace it forever. But it sure tastes good and helps with my snack cravings!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fitness on Friday #7

Ok, I have no motivation for myself or anyone this week. All I can say is...vacation + me = bad news for the waistline. Eek! I have a lot of work to do when we get back...I've slipped into some BAD eating habits this past week. But...tonight it will be a salad...with very little dressing. I PROMISE!

Oh...and yes, this is posted early again. I'll be at a RED SOX game tomorrow and Friday I get to go into Boston again. So...I want to make sure I have this up in time.

I hope you're all doing better than me...New England is my friend, but not my waistline's friend. LOL!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fitness on Friday #6

Yes, I know today is Tuesday, not Friday. But it's going to be a crazy week, so since I have a minute right now I thought I'd get this posted to make sure it gets done.

I'm doing pretty well as far as exercise is concerned. The weather has been really good so I've been taking the girls out for walks. It's so nice to get outside. I'm ready to shed this winter layer of fat (that I've held onto for more than just one winter...lol)!

Oh and my favorite lunch lately has been stir-fry veggies in Mr. Yoshida sauce. Yum! And it's low calorie too! :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fitness on Friday #5

Ok, I'm a slacker, slacker, slacker!!! I haven't written over here since last Fitness on Friday. Gah! Forgive me!

I'm feeling a little bad this week. I had to take a dollar off my motivation money for the first time. I get one day off from exercising a week, but this week I took two. :( But, I did go out and walk 2 miles today to help make up for it.

I'm having terrible cravings for caramel corn. You'd think I was pregnant or something...I'm not, I'm 100% positive. LOL! I need to resist those temptations!

This week I plan to exercise as much as I can, no more missing days.

If you want to join us for Fitness on Friday please write a post or leave a comment with anything fitness related. You can post how you're doing, a link to an article you found inspiring, a quote, really anything you want.

And please remember to visit as many other participants as you can! Together we can all get healthy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fitness on Friday #4

Interest in this meme was way down last week. :( I hope we can get some people joining it soon. I REALLY need the motivation.

I didn't have a good week. I really need to figure out what's keeping me from losing weight. I want to, at least I think I do. But I keep sabatoging myself. I've been motivated before and had success. Why am I struggling so hard right now?

I am doing well with my water intake though, so that's a good thing.

If you're just stumbling onto Fitness on Friday please join us. Just do a post with where you are in your fitness, how you did this week, healthy recipes, inspirational quotes or whatever else is helping you in your journey to fitness. Then sign the linky and visit others. :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Feeling Better

Man! We got hit hard with the sickies this week. Josh was nice enough to not make me take money away from my motivation money for missing 2 days of exercise due to sickness. But today we're all back to healthy and I got my exercise in. Sure, it wasn't vigorous exercise, but we took a nice long walk as a family. It was nice and the perfect kind of exercise for a Sunday.

Tomorrow I really hope I can get my exercise in again. We'll be gone most of the day getting our monthly shopping in. My fingers are crossed that we'll be home in time.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fitness on Friday #3

I'm not going to lie. This was a HARD week for me. I was out of town, which never makes exercise and healthy eating easy. I did exercise...but not hard core cardio or anything. Oh well. I was proud of myself that I ordered a low fat item when we went out to eat with a ton of family. We went to Johnny Carino's...yum! I had this lemon rosemary chicken. It was good, I totally recommend it...although the portion size is way too big.

My biggest accomplishment I wrote about in the post before this one. I found that I was actually craving water instead of soda. Yay!

But I did get a chance to watch how my skinny cousins eat and I'm excited to try some of the stuff they make. Like chicken and stir-fry vegetables in Yashida sauce...now let's see if I can find that sauce. LOL!

Please join us in Fitness on Friday. Just make a post about your exercise/health and how you're doing. Or share a tip or quote. Really share anything that's helping you. Then visit other participants and let's help each other all get healthy!

Oh and for some reason the button on the side was giving 2 buttons instead of one when you copied and pasted it. I think I have that fixed, so if you tried to copy and paste and ended up with two buttons snag the new code and it should just give you one. Sorry about that!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Awesome Discovery

As we were driving back from Idaho yesterday we stopped in Twin Falls to gas up the car. I went in to get a drink and was so excited to see they had Caffeine Free Diet Coke (no caffeine for me because I'm still breastfeeding). But...as I drank it I realized I really wanted water!!! Seriously? Water instead of yummy Diet Coke? Yep! That makes me happy, my body is actually craving water now.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fitness on Friday #2

Ok, I know I'm posting this a little early. But I'm really busy this week and want to make sure I get it up.

Be sure to check out my sidebar. My lovely friend Lorie made the button for Fitness on Friday and another lovely friend Jen set up the code so you can easily snag it! :) Yay for awesome friends!

So far I've done pretty well this week. I've been exercising every day! My water intake has been fantastic, I even had a day where I drank 125 ounces of water...just don't ask how many times I had to run to the bathroom...it goes through you fast. LOL! My snacking hasn't been great, but it's been a little better. I'm just really glad the candy holidays are over for awhile, you know like Easter, Valentine's, Christmas...the list goes on. Last night I was really good though. I really wanted some microwave popcorn, but...I drank a ton of water to curb my hunger...I guess I was really just thirsty. That really does help though, if you're hungry you should try drinking some water first, you might just be thirsty. Of course if it's meal time go eat, you can't live on water alone, right?

My goal is to keep going with the exercise, maybe amp things up a bit and work harder. I want to keep it up with the water too. And of course, I need to continue working on not snacking so much.

How are you doing? What are your goals? Do you have a cool tip or quote to share? If you're in need of motivation or accountability join us in Fitness on Friday. Just make a fitness/health/weight loss post on your blog, or even just leave a comment here if you prefer. Then join others who are doing the same. Don't forget to comment on their posts. Together we can help each other get in better health!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Girl Power"

The ladies left on The Biggest Loser said they have "girl power." And at the weigh in they certainly did. I was so happy one of the guys went home. Maybe the other three will be a little less cocky now...I can hope so anyway. Oh...and I would've taken the $10,000 over the 1 pound pass...in a heartbeat.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fitness on Friday #1

Welcome to the very first Fitness on Friday. Go ahead and either make a post on your blog with your fitness progress, with a cool exercise you learned, with your fitness goals or whatever else you want that helps you feel motivated or keeps you accountable OR you can just post your progress in the comments here. Whatever is more comfortable to you and makes you feel accountable.

If you have a fitness or health blog let me know, I'll add you to my blogroll.

This week I've been doing well on my exercise. The change in weather has been great and I've been doing some extra walking outside and it's been heavenly! My downfall has been my eating. I really need to curb things on the snacking. My meals are generally pretty healthy, but my snacking is out of control. My goal for this week is to work on snacking and also drinking enough water.

How are you doing? Share and don't forget to visit the other commenters here so we can all feel supported! :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Foolish Biggest Losers

Ok, I'm totally addicted to the show The Biggest Loser. And I thought the contestants were totally stupid last night. They voted off Brittany...she was the least threatening person left on campus. Her weight loss is nearly always low. But they love Jay so they kept him...hello people, he's a total threat, there's $250K on the line. At this point (except for Jay's brother) I'd say forget alliances and try to actually be the biggest loser, even if it means sending home your friends. Ok that's all...plus I liked Brittany, I can relate to her so I didn't like seeing her go. LOL!

Monday, March 17, 2008

My New Motivation

I've really been struggling to stay motivated lately. So I came up with something and I ran it by my husband last night. Starting today I'll earn 50 cents every day I work out. BUT...everyday I don't exercise I lose a dollar, I get one rest day a week. Once my total is $50 I can take the money and do whatever I want with it. Sure, it will take a long time to earn $50, but we're poor so once I earn it I'll definitely enjoy it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fitness on Fridays?

Ok, I'm thinking of starting the check in for fitness thing starting next week. I was thinking I would make it a Friday thing. It's a good time to check in and get focus before the weekend and the temptations that weekends bring. I 'll be contacting people throughout the week that expressed interest in this.

I'm thinking, you can either just post in a thread here how you're doing *and/or* you can do a post on your blog and leave a comment with your link here so others can visit you and give you encouragement. You can update however you want. Some of you are probably more daring than I am. You will share your weight with others, so you may want to do a weigh-in that day for your post. Or maybe you want to share your exercise success for the week or say you've lost a pound or two without giving away your weight. It's really up to you. This is just a way to check in and feel accountable. Maybe you found a quote or something that inspires you or discovered some music that's great to exercise to. Share, share, share! :)

How does that sound?

Friday, March 7, 2008

Want to Check in With Me?

I've had a couple people comment about wanting to feel accountable in their weight loss. And I totally understand where they're coming from. It's always easier to do something when you're not doing it alone. Would anyone else be interested in having a weekly post to check in with each other? If so, I'd gladly host it here.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Walking and a Recipe

The past two days I've used the treadmill for 30 minutes a day AND I walked to do my errands. Yesterday that took about 30 minutes and today it took about 20 minutes. I'm thinking of doing some yoga in a bit since I just got a new yoga dvd.

Also, I've decided that I want to start sharing healthy recipes when I find them. I've been enjoying this one for the last couple days. It's sooooo good! I found it on a mommy message board I belong to.

Spicy Bean Salsa

1 (15 oz) can black-eyed peas, drained
1 (15 oz) can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 (15 oz) can corn, drained
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup chopped green peppers (I like this finely chopped)
1 (4 oz) can diced jalapeƱos, I'm a big wussy so I use green chilies
1 (14.5 oz) can diced tomatoes, drained
1 cup Italian salad dressing (I use the light version)
1/2t garlic salt

In a medium bowl combine all and mix well. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

I've been eating this with Baked Tostitos Scoops. That was my lunch the past could days. Kind of like nachos without the cheese. We also had this for the Super Bowl, but added diced avocado to it.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Oh My Aching Feet!

My feet were killing me last night...but it was a good thing. It's partially because I was wearing the wrong shoes. But the weather was so awesome...78 degrees! Wow! So we took the girls to the park and we went for a long walk. We probably got nearly 2 miles of walking around in while we were out. It felt so good to be outside again. Of course, now it's freezing and we're under a blowing snow and wind advisory. Sigh...but I'm getting excited for the weather to get nice so I can walk outside everyday. This Fall I walked pretty much everyday and I was consistently losing weight. I've been at a near stand still since then, losing a pound here and then plateauing then another pound and plateau.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Do I Praise or Shame Myself?

I'm not sure if I should praise myself or shame myself today. My workout, if you can even call it that, was only 15 minutes long. See...we had a late night with the baby and Kenzie was content to cuddle on our bed this morning and watch The Little Mermaid while Josh, Josie and I slept some more. So we slept in and I had to run a couple errands and Josh had to shower and go to work. So I had a grand total of 15 minutes to exercise. I walked for 5 minutes, ran for 5 minutes, then walked for another 5 minutes. That's all. Is it good that I used those 15 minutes, or pathetic that I slept in and didn't exercise more?

On another note...I did 100 jumping jacks a couple days ago. I did 4 sets of 25 with 30 seconds of running in place in between. I didn't think much of it, just that it was a little heart beat booster. But yesterday I could feel it in my sides. Who knew? Ok, probably a lot of people knew, I just didn't. Lol!

Oh...and on yet another note...we're doing our monthly grocery shopping tomorrow. Usually I wander the aisles getting what I think we'll need. But tonight I planned out a bunch of mostly healthy meals, or meals that I can make healthier, and made a list. Yep, I got all organized about it. I hope this helps us eat better. We'll need a few things as the month goes along like fresh produce and milk and meat, but I can get everything else tomorrow. Yay!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Award Shows are Evil

That's right, you read that right...award shows are evil! Why you ask? Because all the actresses are like a size 0 without an ounce of fat on them. It sure doesn't help my self-esteem. Sure, I know I'll never be a size 0. I'm not even aiming for that. I'm aiming for a size 8. Very realistic goal I think. But I see these women who have the perfect body and I feel like I'm about a million pounds! Sure they have millions of dollars and trainers and that's why they're skinny. But dang it! It still stinks!

Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm Floating

I drank so much water yesterday, 100 ounces! I'm floating now, that was so much! But hey, it's a good thing. I took it easy on the exercise yesterday. I didn't do any cardio, but I did do 100 crunches. 100 must be the number for the day.

Today so far I've done 30 minutes on the treadmill, run/walk mix. We'll see what else I do.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Ok, I don't have a lot of time to write. But yesterday I did a half hour on the treadmill and tonight I did 20 minutes. Sure, they weren't massively big workouts. But they were something. I really wanted to get outside and walk today, but when I went out the weather had turned and it started to rain then snow. Bummer. But yesterday Kenzie and I did walk to the park so she could play for awhile so we got out and got some fresh air and a little walk in.

Also, I made a potato soup recipe tonight that we've made before, but tonight I made it low fat. I found some fat free half & half at the store and used that as well as using 2% milk shreds instead of full fat cheese. So the only full fat ingredient was the tablespoon of butter...but that's in the full pot, not per serving. So yay for making a recipe healthier.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back to It!

I didn't post yesterday. Did anyone even notice? This blog is so young that I doubt it. LOL! But I felt too guilty to post. I was gone in Colorado Springs most of the day. While there we went out to eat. Oh and eat we did! Eek!

But today I did the treadmill for 60 minutes, 15 of which were spent running. I have a healthy dinner planned and I'm drinking my water. Now if only everyday could be like this. LOL!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Body Hates Me!

I woke up with my throat feeling like it was half closed up on me. What the heck is up with that??? So when Josh was home and I should have been exercising I took a nap. I feel much better, but haven't been able to exercise yet. Right now Josie is sleeping on my lap. I think when she wakes up I'll put her in her swing and I'll use the treadmill. I'm doing so-so on water, but better than yesterday. The day is not over yet, I can do it! LOL!

Monday, February 18, 2008

At Least it Was Something

I could have done better today, but I also could have done much worse. At first my dinner was so healthy. I had lentil soup. But then Josh came home on a break from work to eat dinner and I ate some bbq wings with him. *gulp* I really shouldn't have done that. *BUT* I did use the treadmill for 30 minutes today, 10 of those minutes were spent running, the rest walking. I may still do some leg lifts or something, we'll see.

I think I'm mostly down on myself because I didn't drink as much water as I should. The past 3 days I was really good about drinking at least 64 ounces. Today...not even close. So I guess I'm going to make that my goal for now, to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.

I need to focus on why I want to lose weight. If I do that it might stop me from snacking so much. Must repeat...don't want to be the fat mom, don't want to be the fat mom, don't want to be the fat mom...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting Started

I've been struggling to lose weight for awhile. Back before I got married I was never really fat. But I did have chubby times. When I was single it was easy to be a gym rat and make the weight come off. But now I'm a mom and I wouldn't change that for the world. But along with being a mom came many unwanted pounds.

After having my first daughter I got big. Like, the biggest I'd ever been. I was on a weight loss train when I got pregnant again. And once again, after the birth of my second daughter I found myself with unwanted pounds.

As of today I'm 1.5 pounds bigger than when I got pregnant with my baby. Not bad I guess considering she's 6 1/2 months old. But that means I'm still as overweight as I was when I got pregnant. So now, what do I do?

I'm starting this blog to keep myself on track. I want my pre-babies body back. I want to feel like me again.