Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just want to say...

I've lost .4 more pounds. I'm so excited the scale is finally going down, even if it is just a little bit. That's all.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1.5 more gone!

I've lost 1.5 more pounds in the last couple days. Yesterday it was 1.6, but this morning I'd gained biggie. I've already done over 2 hours of cardio today, so hopefully it will go back down tomorrow. But I'm excited. If I lose 3.6 more pounds I'll be in a new "decade" of numbers. I've been stuck in this "decade" for so long. I want that second number on the scale to be different. I'm working my tail off to get there. And then hopefully this next "decade" won't take so long to get through.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Three weeks...2.1 pounds

My weight is ever so slowly creeping off. Three weeks ago I started a Biggest Loser challenge on a mommy forum I belong to. In that time I've lost 2.1 pounds (that's as of this morning). It's better than nothing, but dang it, I'm working my rear off...and apparently not literally. But I'm happy it's going down. I've been stuck around the same number for months and months and I'm ready to never see that number again.

When I run tonight it will be my 28th day in a row. I'm up to 2 1/4 miles a day. For some reason the first mile or so kills me, then after that I'm just fine. So I just have to push through that mile because I know I'll be fine after that.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Background problem

My background was from Cutest Blog on the Block and apparently they've put too much on their Photobucket. I'm working on fixing it. Sorry for the ugly Photobucket thing in the middle of my page. Gah!

I couldn't find my old background on their site anymore. :( So I chose one of the Valentine ones. I'm not sure how long it will work for. Now I'm nervous.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I know it's stupid to get excited about such a small loss. But the scale was down .3 this morning and I haven't seen it go down all week. I've literally worked out like a mad woman this week. Yesterday I did 1 hour and 45 minutes of hard cardio and that was the lightest/least amount of time I've done all week. So when I saw the scale budge, even that tiny amount, I was stoked!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My whole body hurts!

I forgot to mention that my goal this week was to exercise at least 2 hours a day during the 5 days my husband has off and do at least my run if not more on the days he does work. Well, today was his fourth of those five days off and I've met my goal each day. So now...I HURT!!! LOL! I'm not sure there's a part of me that doesn't hurt. I mean, maybe my left pinkie is ok, but seriously I just ache. Tomorrow I have to do it again, I want to make my goal. I'm meeting with my trainer in the morning, then I think I'll stay and do the elliptical for a bit. Once I get home I'll hop on the treadmill to get my run in (day 24 in row) and will have all my exercise done early in the day. At least that's the goal.

I'm pretty proud of myself today. On Tuesday I was supposed to up my run to 1.75 miles, but Monday night I decided to see if I could do it early and I did. So now I was supposed to wait until next week to up my run to 2 miles, but...well, I was at 1.75 miles and felt like I could do more. Sure, I was dying, but not dead. So I pushed on and ran the two miles. Then I took the baby for a walk on the walking path around the park while my husband took our other daughter to the park (we had a rare 70+ degree day here). After that I changed clothes and went to the gym. I spent about 10 minutes on the bikes and 60 minutes on the elliptical. It was a GOOD exercise day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Complete Frustration

I'm so frustrated! You hear that if you eat well and exercise you'll be healthy and lose weight. But you know what? That isn't working for me. On August 1, 2008 I started being very careful about exercising and watching what I eat. Sure, I messed up during the holidays a bit...but I didn't gain over the holidays either. But my weight won't drop. I'm about 4 or 5 pounds down from August 1st, but that's it. I've been playing around this number for months upon months.

I've been running for 21 days, today will be day 22 and that hasn't made a difference. I'm not giving up, I want to run the half-marathon in December. But dang it...I don't know what to do.

My trainer called last night and she's ready to get working again. So I'm meeting with her today. But even those workout weren't making me lose any weight before.

I feel like crying all the time. I feel ugly. I feel fat. My husband says I'm beautiful, but he's blind...not literally. I see others lose weight so easily while I can't. What's wrong with my body???

Monday, January 19, 2009

21 days...I did it!

I got my run in early today. I've made it 21 days in a row. I even upped my run today by a quarter mile. I wasn't supposed to do that until tomorrow. I'm not sure what possessed me to do it, but I'm glad I did. Now I'm not filled with dread before doing tomorrow's run.

I wish I could say after 21 days that I'm enjoying this. I'm so least not yet. But it is getting easier and that's awesome! I was hoping to try a run outside today, but we're having massive wind. Sigh...hopefully the "heat" (61 degrees) will stay and the wind will go so I can try an outside run sometime this week.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Getting easier

All I can say is...HOLY CRAP! It's getting easier!!! The past two nights I haven't felt like dying while I ran. Yay!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I did it, but it's not a habit yet...

So I did my 1.5 mile run tonight. Today was day 15, also the first day of 1.5 miles. But it's still not a habit. I can just tell. Right now it's something I'm forcing myself to do, but it's not easy. So I decided to look up how many days of doing something equals a habit. In that lovely Google search I found this blog, 21 Days. I haven't taken the time to really read much of it yet. Seriously, I just did this search and it's after 1am. I'll look around more, just let me get some sleep first. This whole staying up way too late thing can't be good for my health. Anyway, it's about someone who set out to make running a habit in 21 days. Now she's running race after race. How dang cool is that???

So, I guess that means I'm 6 days away from running being a habit. That's not too bad, right? That would mean by the time I watch next week's The Biggest Loser (don't get me started on tonight's episode...gah!) running will be a habit.

Oh...and I'm not just taking the above mentioned blogger's word that 21 days makes a habit. Nope, I also found it at D*I*Y Planner among other places. Of course, most of those were blogs. But come on, bloggers know all...right? Ok, maybe not. But I'm taking their word for it this time.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I'm so filled with dread right now. Tomorrow is my last day of running 1.25 miles, then it's up to 1.5 miles a day. I so do not feel ready for it. Sure, I know I won't die. But my 5'8 body is carrying way too much excess baggage for this to be easy yet. I used to love running...right now I so do not love it. I'm pretty sure that love will come as some of this baggage goes, but dang it 1.5 miles sounds HARD right now. I'll do it, I have to do it. If I don't I'll only be disappointing myself and I don't like being disappointed.

On a happier note...I got my running done for today about half and hour ago. Yay me!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Note to self...

Don't procrastinate your running until 11:30pm when you have to get up early the next morning to get your run in before going out of town.

Yeah...I did that. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I was so tired this morning! I still ran, but I will never do that again! My legs are sore for awhile after I run. But after this morning's run I was dying!!! I feel like a wuss, but I've got to start somewhere, right?

But it's kind of nice tonight that my run is already done. The girls and I are just chillin' at a hotel while my husband does a ride along with a trooper in his future troop (only about 7 1/2 more months until we move here!!!). The girls refuse to sleep, but I'm pretty happy just surfing online.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Yep, I'm up to running 1.25 miles at a time. I'm still a big old wussy, but I'm getting better. I've figured out that I have to add a quarter mile each week if I want to be ready for 13.1 miles the first week of December. I think that's totally doable.

By the way, today will be my 10th day in a row of running. I'm pretty darn proud of myself! And yes, the iPod Nano totally helps. I'm still completely loving it! I know they're expensive, but if you can get any kind of MP3 player I'd totally suggest it. It distracts me enough to push me to keep going.

And I've decided Paramore is a great band to add to my list. I put the Twilight soundtrack on mine and there are two Paramore songs on there. Then I was talking to a PR rep I work with and he suggested another Paramore song...totally good, I need to see if iTunes sells it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My new iPod tunes

Ok, this post is for MizFit, who by the way is an amazing blogger who gets more than 100 comments on like every post. And you know what? She takes time to comment on my lowly weight loss blog. I seriously feel honored that I'm being noticed and encouraged! Go read, after you read this post. LOL!

I've been playing with my fun new toy. It's shiny blue and I LOVE IT!!!! So, what am I stocking it full of? Well, we downloaded (uploaded?) all the tunes from my husbands old school iPod. I need to go through and take things off. I love the man, but good gosh we have totally different tastes in music most of the time.

I did buy 5 brand spankin' new songs from the iTunes store. Now, four of the five are not songs or artists I normally listen to. I'm more of a mellow Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, etc. type. For those who know me that probably seems strange because I'm so not mellow and laid back like the music these guys sing. I'm probably one of the most uptight, rigid, anal, obsessive people around. My poor husband...but luckily for me he's the most laid back, awesome, amazing man I know. So he balances me out. Anyway, I digress...I like laid back music. But I wanted this iPod as a fitness help to get me motivated, get me moving and get me distracted from the fact that I'm indeed torturing my body.

So I've been paying attention to what's on Sirius radio. Why Sirius? Because out here in boonie land we only have one radio station and it alternates between country (and not the good country) and the farm report...and it doesn't even come in clearly. So, I feel totally out of touch with current music trends. So anyway, I'm getting so off topic tonight...must got to bed soon...I've been listening to The Pulse and whatnot on Sirius and I picked a few songs from there.

And finally, tenish years after I started this darn post, here's what I bought:

Keeps Gettin' Better by Christina Aguilera
Womanizer by Britney Spears
So What by Pink
SexyBack by Justin Timberlake
I'm Yours by Jason Mraz (yes, I had to get one that's purely my style...and this is the cell phone ring I have when my husband calls, I love this song)

I also put on the Dookie album from Green Day. I had's my 10th grade running soundtrack, I just had to do it. I have more Green Day on there from their album that came out a few years's actually one album my husband and I both like.

I have some Dropkick Murphy's on there...hello, I'm a Boston Red Sox fan, I freaking love those guys! Tessie, the song dedicated to the 2004 World Champion Red Sox, is my cell phone ring for anyone besides my husband who calls. They are a must have.

I have some Plain White T's on there, some Metallica, some Cake...I need to get some Pearl Jam. But really I need more songs like the ones I downloaded tonight. They really did make my run easier. Part of it might be that I'm getting used to running, but seriously, it was easier than last night and I think it's because I was distracted listening to the upbeat tunes.

Any suggestions?

Monday, January 5, 2009

So I joined a Biggest Loser Challenge

I belong to a mommy forum online and they've done Biggest Loser challenges before and I've participated. But I tend to only lose a few pounds, everyone kind of drops off and I lose the motivation to keep going. They're starting a new one today. I kept going back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to do it. It's only $5, so money wasn't the issue. But with the half-marathon that I'm training for I wasn't sure I needed this too.

Last night they cut off entries, so I thought ok, I missed it so I just won't do it. No biggie. Then today a girl was begging to join, she had to get a few more people to join so the teams would be even. If enough people agreed to join then she could do it. A few more joined, they only needed one more. Another girl was thinking about it...but they needed a person ASAP, so I decided it was a "sign" and I joined.

We'll see how I do. I want to succeed. I hate having to take pictures on the scale. It's like admitting to my fatness. But I guess I need that. I am working, I am I refuse to be the weak link in the team. Hopefully our team won't have a weak link and we'll win!

Also...MY iPOD CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to figure out how to get music on it, but it's here, it's here, it's here!!!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Progress...and more

Today was my sixth day in a row of running. I'm still only running a mile at a time, but after tomorrow I plan to add a little bit. But I feel really good about myself. It's hard for me though, I just want to be able to do more now, but the whole logical side of me knows I have to do it bit by bit or I'll fail.

I can't wait for my iPod Nano to show up though (maybe tomorrow!!!), I think being distracted by music will really help. I'm trying to figure out what music to put on there. Back in 9th and 10th grade I listened to the Wayne's World soundtrack and Green Day's Dookie album while I ran. I know those are really odd choices, but I think I might put them on there just for sentimental reasons. LOL!

On a new note...I'm so excited for the new season of The Biggest Loser to start this week!!! I need the motivation from it. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I think I'm being tested

Meeting with a trainer a couple times a week has been helping me stay consistent with going to the gym. She makes me do the stuff I hate, but need to do. She's been talking about a major surgery she has coming up, but it was supposed to be in March. This morning she told me she got a call and it's been changed to Wednesday. Yeah, like in less than a week. Eek! So without warning I have no trainer for 2 to 6 weeks. Sure, I know this is way worse for her. She's been in tears over it. This isn't a fun surgery and it's not optional either. She's only 29 and this is something that you usually hear about in much older people. I'm not totally insensitive, I feel terrible for her and I totally understand her needing to rest.

But this is definitely a test for me to see if I can keep going. I think my new goal will definitely help. I ran again tonight, plus I did have that last training session this morning and I did the Wii Fit. My whole body is yelling at me right now. It hurts...a lot.

Good luck to my trainer with her recovery and good luck to me and my test of diligence!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I improved my time

I was so proud of myself yesterday morning. I got up early enough to run before we headed out to Colorado Springs for a fun little overnight getaway with our daughters. I improved my mile run time by 1 minute and 1 second, so I did it in 12 minutes and 17 seconds.

The bad news...I ate crap while we were gone. We had pizza and diet soda and ice cream and caramel apples. It was BAD! So then tonight...I didn't perform as well. I still beat my time from a couple days ago, but I just finished running and it took me 12 minutes 50 seconds to do a mile. I guess I'm paying the price for all my bad eating yesterday.

I repented today...mostly. I had light yogurt for breakfast from the hotel breakfast bar. My husband and I shared an 8 piece chicken nugget thing from Chick-Fil-A...not at all healthy, but we only had 4 pieces each, so not terrible, but I know it wasn't the best snack in the world. We got Jamba Juices...not the big ones...for lunch. For dinner I made a vegetable and chicken stir-fry with brown rice. Totally healthy! :)

My husband has decided he needs to lose weight and wants me to make him go to the gym. So as soon as we got back from Colorado Springs I sent him off...and he actually went! Then he came home and did the Wii Fit while I made dinner, our 3 1/2 year old did it too (so cute!). I didn't do it tonight, but I will tomorrow. I have an appointment with my trainer at 8am so I didn't want to overdo it tonight or I'd suck it up in the morning. But tomorrow should be a great exercise day. Training in the morning, running at some point and then the Wii Fit (because it's so darn fun).