Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just a little perspective

So I'm officially down just over 31 pounds from my highest ever non-pregnant weight. I've been saying around 30 for months now, but it was really 27.5...right now it's 31.5. Yay! I've been really good since returning home from vacation. Lots of exercise, lots of water and lots of veggies & fruits, little meat and snacks. The scale is actually starting to budge!

Just look at this graphic to the right.  That top one is five pounds of fat.  I've lost 80% of that since getting home a couple weeks ago.  Doesn't it look gross?!?!?!  All together I've lost that big ugly blob on the bottom plus the second blob down plus a little.  Ew, ew, ew!!!  I never want to see that ickiness on my body again!

I wish I could say I was done losing.  In 10 pounds I'll probably be down a size.  In 20 pounds that size should be getting loose.  In 30 pounds I'll be pretty comfortable with my size.  In 40 pounds I'll be pushing too small for my frame.  Getting to that point, or near it, is going to take a lot of work!!!  But I'm doing it.  I'm over this overweight mama status!  I've been chubby (putting it nicely) since having my oldest over seven years ago.  I've spent much of that last seven years talking about losing weight, sometimes I'd drop a few pounds and give up when it didn't come off faster.  But not this time!  My highest weight, the one I'm counting down from, was in June 2010, when I got pregnant with my youngest.  Obviously I spent the next nine months pregnant and not focusing on losing weight.  But somehow I still lost.  I gained 18 pounds while pregnant, but six weeks postpartum I was down 9 pounds from when I got pregnant.  But I stalled there.  I was that weight for a looooooong time!  I hated that weight! At the end of 2011 I got busy running again, even ran a 5k on Thanksgiving, and lost about 9 pounds.  But then I stopped.  The situation at home changed and I didn't have the same kind of time to exercise.  I had to get used to a new normal and I didn't adjust well.  But finally, on April 1st, I decided I was done being in this fat body!  I exercised every single day until we left on vacation on June 1st (I exercised that day too...ran 5 miles!). I lost around 10 pounds in those two months. I had BIG plans to stay on track on vacation and I pretty much failed.  Sure, I used the fitness rooms at the hotels.  But in the 18 days we were gone back east only 4 nights were in hotels.  Then we headed off on another vacation.  I had access to a gym for the next almost 4 weeks.  I went maybe 9 or 10 times.  I went on a couple walks around my mom's neighborhood too.  But that's it.  Sure, I lost 1.2 pounds while gone...but I was gone a total of seven weeks!  Since coming home 2 weeks ago I've lost more than that.  And I'm motivated seeing the numbers actually go down.  I'm tracking my calories, I'm exercising and I'm not giving up!  Seeing those big blobs of nastiness in the picture gives me perspective on how far I've come and how far I still need to go.

(Some weights are estimates in here...I don't remember exact numbers of loss, just that it was about a certain number, lol!  I'm keeping better track now, but I know I'm down 31.5 total.)