Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where the heck have I been???

I know I haven't posted here in awhile. I promise there's a good excuse. Really, there is. I'll post more later though, I just popped over here and saw my background had been deleted (sigh) and had to fix that and now my daughter is begging me to come see something she's done. Fingers crossed it's not something messy that's going to raise my blood pressure. Lol!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A chance at a new start

I stopped writing here, I didn't know what to say. I was pregnant again, but wasn't ready to announce it. Being scared because of the miscarriage in December I didn't want to push myself, so I didn't. But it didn't matter, on Thursday I had another miscarriage.

Physically it was easier on me than last time since I wasn't as far along. Emotionally it still hurts. I'm confused. And I'm not ready to try again for awhile. I just can't take it.


I guess I've been given a chance at a new start as far as fitness goes. I've decided to give the 8 weeks to a half-marathon a shot. I started today...sort of. The first day of it is a rest day, what an anti-climatic start, huh?

I did go walking today, but not as far as I wanted. I walked to the post office to get the mail then over to the store to pick up a few things. But by that time the wind had picked up (we're in the 20-30 mph range at the moment...still) so I had to call my husband to come pick me up, it was just too crazy. But at least it was a little over a mile of walking, better than nothing and definitely better than you're supposed to do on a "rest" day.

But tomorrow...I run.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Derailed by a cold

I'm totally bummed! I haven't exercised since Friday because of a stupid cold!!! My nose is so stuffy and runny and I am so tired and my head is stuck with this sinus headache. Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be back, hopefully tomorrow or the next day my nose will decide to stop running so my feet can start running again. ;)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Running the stairs is HARD!!!!

What I wouldn't give for an elliptical trainer right now. Doing stairs for 30 minutes of cross training is HARD!!!!!!! Wow! Heck, I'd rather do a stair stepping machine, even that's easier than doing actual stairs. Dang! Lol!

Today is the "easy" day. This week it really is easy, it's just a mile run. No biggie. But as the weeks go along that amount increases. So I'll be grateful for today and my easy run! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I started it...

I couldn't do much for a few days there because I took a trip to Utah with my oldest daughter. It was an early birthday present for her. We went out to a few restaurants, took her to a cupcake cafe and to a cute little play based off the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."

But now I'm home and I've started the 8 weeks to a half-marathon workout. Yesterday I walked 2 miles, ran 1 mile then walked 2 more miles. Today I'm supposed to do 30 (or more) minutes of cross training by doing some other form of cardio. Since I no longer have a gym membership and I only have a treadmill I'll likely be running up and down our stairs. I'm also supposed to do some strength training today.

Basically...we'll see how this goes.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not doing so well...

WARNING: This post talks about pregnancy (no, I'm not, unfortunately), OB/GYNs and the like. So if you're a squeamish type you might want to stop reading now. And yes lovely husband of mine, it's the kind of stuff you don't like talking about. ;)

Well, my miscarriage was three months ago today. Instead of channeling my anger into something productive by running it off I've more like stopped functioning a lot of the time. My focus is on my daughters and not on myself...seriously, when was the last time I got a hair cut? Put on full makeup? Got dressed in something other than jeans and a hoodie (except for church)?

I'm feeling a dilemma. I want to get pregnant...which totally isn't happening as quickly as I'd like (read: totally frustrated)...but I want to get in shape too. I found a program that helps you run a half-marathon on 8 weeks. It looks totally doable since I can already run and once I get into it I enjoy it. Ahhh...all that free time to think and listen to music as I run...or you know, watch the food channel while I run (whatever, it's torture but I do it). But it's too intense to do while pregnant, so if I got pregnant while doing it I'd be risking another miscarriage, I think. I stop trying to get preggers for a couple months and focus on the running? Or do I just keep trying for a baby and do the running after?

Sigh...I have an appointment in less than 2 weeks for that dreaded annual visit at the OB/GYN...I think I'm going to talk about it with her.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I found a new form of torture

Last night I ran again, yay! But I did so on the treadmill while watching the Food Network. Seriously, it's a new form of torture seeing all that yummy food while sweating away. Haha!

At least it didn't lead to any snacking was 10pm and I didn't eat anything after. Go me! ;)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I ran today!!!!!!

I haven't been doing as well as I'd hoped lately. I missed a few days of walking in there either because of illness, weather or my husband's crazy work schedule.

But I'm trying and today I both ran on the treadmill at home AND took a walk outside. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ahhh...fresh air!

I was so excited today, I was able to take a walk outside again.

Yesterday I HATED using the treadmill!!! Seriously, I love being outside, breathing in the fresh air, listening to my iPod and just having some "me" time.

I had a lot to do today, so I used my walk to get some things done. I walked to the post office, about 1.25ish miles away, to mail a couple things and pick up our mail, then I walked over to the grocery store for a few things and walked the 1.25ish miles back home. The walk over there is easy...the walk home is a little harder.


Because the walk is downhill to get there and uphill to get back. But hey, whenever I do this walk I can feel it the next day. That's a nice bonus. :)

It wasn't exactly warm today, just somewhere in the 40s. But it wasn't too bad and the next ten days are looking pretty darn good. Yay for "global warming" or whatever it is that's making us have this mild January weather.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is this seriously Colorado???

I've been walking everyday so far in 2010. Today will be the first time my walk has had to be on the treadmill instead of outside, and that's only because my husband is working a weird work shift today and won't be home early enough.

Not everyday has been beautiful. I went walking one day where it was in the 20s and I swore my whole body was a giant Popsicle by the time I got back home. But most days it's been really, really beautiful! Yesterday it was 61 degrees when I went walking.


This is January, right? I'm still in Colorado, I think. I don't remember being transported to some other place. This is great! I could get used to this nice weather!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

There was a fight between an angel and a devil...

and they both won!

Last night I really, really, REALLY wanted some chocolate ice cream. And unfortunately we have some because my husband's birthday was this week. For literally hours I felt like I had an angel and a devil on my shoulders like in the cartoons and they were fighting it out over that dang ice cream.

In the end...the angel won. But really, she only won because I was too friggin' lazy to get up and get the ice cream out of the freezer.

Then later they were back, fighting once again. But this time over the Three Musketeers bar that I got in my Christmas stocking and hadn't eaten yet. Wait, did you catch that...HADN'T eaten yet. Yep, the devil won this round...but I only ate half the candy bar. Not because I grew a conscience, but because it was stale.

Sigh...weight loss is a constant battle.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Addicted much?

Geez! I had no idea I was so "addicted" to Diet Coke. Seriously.

I've given up caffeine, which of course means Diet Coke, every time I've been pregnant and continue to not drink it while breastfeeding. That meant with my youngest I gave it up for 30 months! So you'd think if I could do that cold turkey that I couldn't possibly be addicted.


The massive headache I had yesterday until I drank some pretty much proves I have myself a crazy Diet Coke addiction. Dang!

I realize as soon as I had the miscarriage (five weeks ago tomorrow...sigh) that I started drinking it a lot of it. Seriously, some days I'd drink 64oz of it. Yikes!

That headache was awful! I don't think I can go cold turkey. So I'm going to slowly wean myself off it it...hopefully I'll be done with it in time to get pregnant again.

On a side note...I've been walking every day so far this month (aside from today, but I will as soon as my husband gets up...he was working late last night so he's snoozing away right now).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So, my big plans to run...they haven't happened.


I have gone walking for the last 5 days and I have a friend who is committed to get in better shape as well. So we're going to try to walk together and encourage each other.

Plus, if I have a walking routine going, that's something I'm more likely to be able to keep up with while pregnant. And since I plan to start trying ASAP (my body isn't ready yet, hopefully soon) I need to establish that routine NOW!

My next goal: lay off the diet soda.

Regular soda isn't a problem for me. I grew up with a diabetic dad (I know...I'm at risk, my mom has since developed it as well), so I grew up with diet soda. But soda at all isn't so great.