Sunday, August 31, 2008

635 Calories

No, I'm not talking about the number of calories in my last meal or anything. But that's how many calories I burned at the gym today. Going to the gym on Sunday is one of my favorite (and only) parts I like about living here. You see, I don't believe in going out to spend money or make people work on Sundays. But here, no one works at the gym. I just have to enter a code in the door and let myself in. If no one is there I turn the lights and music on and workout to my heart's content. If others are there then I just start working out. The last person to leave shuts everything off. So my being there doesn't make anyone work. I just felt like clarifying that for anyone who knows my beliefs I guess. I'm not breaking them by working out today. LOL!

But it felt so good to workout so hard. I needed that.


Lawanda said...

OH MY GOODNESS GIRL!!! I just burned 200, and I feel like I could die! You musta busted some major moves! haha

Good job!!!! :)

Jen said...

GREAT JOB!!!!! That's so cool that you have access to a gym like that! VERY LUCKY!