Friday, August 1, 2008

Fitness on Friday # 19

Here I sit at nearly 2am and I'm still up. In a few hours it will be morning. I'll be up for the day and will be starting my Biggest Loser challenge. I have to weigh in and post profiles pics...but I won't be doing that here. People I know in real life read this and I just can't face them knowing that much about me. But I will be posting my ups and downs and anything I learn along the way. This competition ends on Halloween (of all!).

My goals for this challenge? lose weight, obviously. But how? I'm not going on any strict diet. I'm going to just cut my portions down. Usually, not always, I make good choices when it comes to my meals. But snacking...that's where I have to make big changes. I bought a bunch of fruit and veggies tonight. And not to mention Crystal Light...drink, drink, drink.

I hope to have an upbeat post next week with happy news of weight loss. I hope you all have happy posts this week. And if you don't? I hope you have a good week and have a happy post next week. I wish you all luck!

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melanie said...

The competition sounds great! I hope you do well with it.

I don't post profile pictures of myself or my actual weight because my family reads my blog too and that would be too weird.