Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fitness on Friday #I can't remember at the

Call it mommy brain, call it tiredness, call it what you will. I just opened this post and realized I have no idea what number of Fitness on Friday this is. Oops!

Anyway, I had some stuff in magazines that I thought would be great to share, but now I can't find them...dang it! I'll look this week.

As for me, well I've been terribly discouraged. I've been working like a mad woman trying to lose weight and get healthier. Then yesterday the scale was UP...gah! Then this morning it was back down. If it stays down though I'm only at .9 lost in 2 weeks. Yeah, less than a pound. Frustrated? Yes!!! We'll see how I fair in the morning when I weigh myself.

I ordered some Jillian Michael's fitness dvd's from Amazon. They should arrive sometime this week...hopefully doing those will help. One can always hope, right?

How did you do this week?


Lawanda said...

I think a Jillian video would kill me! LOL I walked a LOT this week. I even... RAN! I was very excited ;)

melanie said...

I'd love to hear your opinion of her video once you try it!

Natalie said...

Oh, I'll definitely give a report on the dvds. :)