Thursday, August 28, 2008

Craptastic Week

I have nothing happy to report on the weight loss front. My dad's been in town and I've been eating less than perfect to say the least. As of yesterday I'd only gained .2 since last Friday. I'm going to work my rear off today to see if I can lose that and maybe .1 or .2 more. Fingers crossed.

On a happier note, I found out my dad reads this blog. I had no idea, I thought he just read my main blog. Well, from reading this he found out I needed an exercise step for my Jillian Michael's dvds. So while he was here visiting he bought one for me as an early birthday present!!! He also bought me a blender, now I can start making yummy fruit smoothies (and the occasional shake...eek!). :)


Natalie said...

those gifts do make for a very happy week! Happy early Birthday!

Lawanda said...

AWESOME! :) I gained last week and this week, so don't feel bad, I know where you're coming from. :-p

I am determined to lose this week though! :)

stephen said...

Get right back on track!