Thursday, January 1, 2009

I improved my time

I was so proud of myself yesterday morning. I got up early enough to run before we headed out to Colorado Springs for a fun little overnight getaway with our daughters. I improved my mile run time by 1 minute and 1 second, so I did it in 12 minutes and 17 seconds.

The bad news...I ate crap while we were gone. We had pizza and diet soda and ice cream and caramel apples. It was BAD! So then tonight...I didn't perform as well. I still beat my time from a couple days ago, but I just finished running and it took me 12 minutes 50 seconds to do a mile. I guess I'm paying the price for all my bad eating yesterday.

I repented today...mostly. I had light yogurt for breakfast from the hotel breakfast bar. My husband and I shared an 8 piece chicken nugget thing from Chick-Fil-A...not at all healthy, but we only had 4 pieces each, so not terrible, but I know it wasn't the best snack in the world. We got Jamba Juices...not the big ones...for lunch. For dinner I made a vegetable and chicken stir-fry with brown rice. Totally healthy! :)

My husband has decided he needs to lose weight and wants me to make him go to the gym. So as soon as we got back from Colorado Springs I sent him off...and he actually went! Then he came home and did the Wii Fit while I made dinner, our 3 1/2 year old did it too (so cute!). I didn't do it tonight, but I will tomorrow. I have an appointment with my trainer at 8am so I didn't want to overdo it tonight or I'd suck it up in the morning. But tomorrow should be a great exercise day. Training in the morning, running at some point and then the Wii Fit (because it's so darn fun).

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._. said...

pizza and crap once in a while is OK.. as long as it doesn't become a habit ;) You're rockin it babe!