Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My new iPod tunes

Ok, this post is for MizFit, who by the way is an amazing blogger who gets more than 100 comments on like every post. And you know what? She takes time to comment on my lowly weight loss blog. I seriously feel honored that I'm being noticed and encouraged! Go read mizfitonline.com...now...er...well, after you read this post. LOL!

I've been playing with my fun new toy. It's shiny blue and I LOVE IT!!!! So, what am I stocking it full of? Well, we downloaded (uploaded?) all the tunes from my husbands old school iPod. I need to go through and take things off. I love the man, but good gosh we have totally different tastes in music most of the time.

I did buy 5 brand spankin' new songs from the iTunes store. Now, four of the five are not songs or artists I normally listen to. I'm more of a mellow Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, etc. type. For those who know me that probably seems strange because I'm so not mellow and laid back like the music these guys sing. I'm probably one of the most uptight, rigid, anal, obsessive people around. My poor husband...but luckily for me he's the most laid back, awesome, amazing man I know. So he balances me out. Anyway, I digress...I like laid back music. But I wanted this iPod as a fitness help to get me motivated, get me moving and get me distracted from the fact that I'm indeed torturing my body.

So I've been paying attention to what's on Sirius radio. Why Sirius? Because out here in boonie land we only have one radio station and it alternates between country (and not the good country) and the farm report...and it doesn't even come in clearly. So, I feel totally out of touch with current music trends. So anyway, I'm getting so off topic tonight...must got to bed soon...I've been listening to The Pulse and whatnot on Sirius and I picked a few songs from there.

And finally, tenish years after I started this darn post, here's what I bought:

Keeps Gettin' Better by Christina Aguilera
Womanizer by Britney Spears
So What by Pink
SexyBack by Justin Timberlake
I'm Yours by Jason Mraz (yes, I had to get one that's purely my style...and this is the cell phone ring I have when my husband calls, I love this song)

I also put on the Dookie album from Green Day. I had to...it's my 10th grade running soundtrack, I just had to do it. I have more Green Day on there from their album that came out a few years ago...it's actually one album my husband and I both like.

I have some Dropkick Murphy's on there...hello, I'm a Boston Red Sox fan, I freaking love those guys! Tessie, the song dedicated to the 2004 World Champion Red Sox, is my cell phone ring for anyone besides my husband who calls. They are a must have.

I have some Plain White T's on there, some Metallica, some Cake...I need to get some Pearl Jam. But really I need more songs like the ones I downloaded tonight. They really did make my run easier. Part of it might be that I'm getting used to running, but seriously, it was easier than last night and I think it's because I was distracted listening to the upbeat tunes.

Any suggestions?


Katie said...

Ok, I only have one thing to say...

"do you have the time, to listen to me whine, about nothing and everything all at once. I am one of those melodramatic fools, neurotic to the bone no doubt about it...."

:) good times.

Natalie said...

LOL...good times indeed! :)

MizFit said...

yes. I suggest you come over and help me with mine.


Michelle said...

i suggest Single ladies.. look on you tube for the justin timberlake parody ha. you'll smile everytime you hear Beyonce sing!!! New Kids on the block?? 4 minutes by Madonna?