Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wii Fit

Ok, so I haven't abandoned my quest to lose weight, but you'd think I had by looking at this blog. Sorry! I'm here, I'm in about the same place as last time. BUT...

WE GOT A Wii FIT!!!!!

It's our Christmas present to each other. It came yesterday and we started trying it out today. Yes, we're worse than kids when it comes to waiting for Christmas presents. The only difference is we're adults and we can open 'em early if we want to. LOL!

I'm so excited! My husband has been working out with it for over an hour...tomorrow I'm going to try to wear myself out trying out as much of it as I can. Yay for virtual trainers.

Speaking of trainers...I'm still meeting with one. We did a 2 hour workout on Tuesday morning and I'm still in pain. I love this kind of pain!


Anonymous said...

WOOOO!!! I wanna Wii Fit! YAY for you!!!!!! Enjoy it!!!

janetfaye said...

I won a Wii and now I want to get the Wii Fit!

My son has one and he loves it.