Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hot for the Holidays

You see that "Hot for the Holidays" button in my sidebar? I was reading 5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere today and saw the link to this so I clicked on over. It starts TOMORROW!!!!! But you can join any time, but the sooner you join the more prizes you'll be eligible for, so I'm in now. That being said...I'm not going to do Fitness on Fridays until this is over. The weigh ins for this are on Fridays and I'll be posting about it.

So I guess starting tomorrow I'll be involved in two weight loss programs. The one I've been doing goes until Halloween and there are only about a dozen of us competing. This new one goes until DECEMBER, yes...all the way until December and there are already a ton of people signed up. So this will keep my motivation going. I may not be exactly "hot" by the holidays, but I'll be well on my way if I keep this up. Come join me!!!

Oh...and here's the button/link to it (same as in my sidebar):

Hot for the Holidays


Christie O. said...

yayy! welcome! we're gonna have some fun!

Lawanda said...

How cool! I may check into that! I will never be "hot" exactly but HEY it sounds good! LOL

Jen said...

This is awesome!! I'm headed over there right now!